New JW Full Length Expose' Movie Coming to Cinema Entitled…"APOSTASY!"

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  • minimus

    Thanks! I wanna watch the movie

  • jws
    The sister didn't commit suicide - she was anemic, refused blood and died.

    That's the part I didn't really catch. They said she needed it as a baby and the opening was her talking to a doctor, wanting her to approve blood - should she ever need it. Then nothing. Just that she was anemic. Nothing that she was currently sick or in any danger. After all, she went 18 years without dying or more blood transfusions. Then she collapses. No hospital scenes. Just later, you find out she died. And then it's alluded to that she made that choice. By refusing blood? By not taking medicine? It wasn't really explained. We're just left knowing she was anemic. Unless I missed something.

    And IDK how available Vudu is across the globe, but it's $4/$5 to rent and $10/$13 to buy (streaming only) and that's SD/HD.

    On Amazon, to buy a disc it's $
    15 or $17 DVD or Blu-Ray. Or on streaming (Amazon Video), it's $4 to rent, $13 to buy.

  • Whynot

    We watched it and enjoyed it. During the movie the anemic girl is praying to Jehovah. It turns out to be her last prayer at the hospital before she dies. At least that's how we understood it.

    Currently, there's a single CO in the Spanish. I cant remember where he is assigned but all the single sisters get super excited when he visits the congregation.

    In extremely rare occasions, the elders may decide to make an announcement of someone no longer being a witness after the watchtower study. It has only happened once in my lifetime. It's the elders to decide but it's only in special situations to "protect" the congregation.

    I watched To Verdener and it was EXCELLENT! very powerful and accurate.

  • smiddy3

    A pity its not on Netflix ,ABC TV ,or SBS TV, I suppose it only had a limited release at certain Theaters then if it is available now on DVD and streamline viewing .

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