I spoke with an old JW friend on Friday....

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  • wednesday

    Because, really, I'm wondering *WHO* in their right mind really thinks this 36 year old man who grew up 'in da troof' is a virgin?!?!? He's never had any judicial action taken against him.....so he's either slick as goose shit and has never been caught; or he's a really good liar. Either option is scary

    .he may be sick. he's probably jerking off and looking at porno. checking out little kids.or he's gay, and afraid to come out. or he's a social retard.

    The WTS way of dealing with sex is so "sick making". Not allowing people natural sexual outlets, well it causes some people to do crazy stuff. They just put way to much emphasis on sex. They talk about it all the time. They would have a lot less problems if they just let nature take its course.

  • metatron

    JT, you hit the nail on the head again!

    It amazes me to see how rapidly the "truth" is changing like sands shifting under the feet of the leadership.

    Being a "JW" is becoming more and more like being a Catholic - you don't have to believe anything or do anything

    just make the claim and show up for a meeting once in awhile and write down an hour once a month.

    You just mind your own business and ignore the elders

    'not with a bang but a whimper' ......


  • calamityjane

    Here's your barf icon.

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