WT.3/1/2003.Trusting in Jehovah means trusting those whom he trusts.

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  • Blueblades

    The picture on page 18 shows five elders intently reading some verses in the Bible.The one at the head is seemingly reviewing those scriptures with the others.Three of them are taking notes,one is not ,he is eye -- balling the other one.

    Do the elders trust each other? Page 17 par.17 Trusting in Jehovah means trusting in those whom he trusts.Example:The FDS.The Elders who are appointed by Holy Spirit.By cooperating with the elder arrangement in the congregation,we also show that we trust in Jehovah.

    Trust:A firm belief or confidence in the honesty,integrity,relliability,justice,etc.of another person or thing.

    With few exceptions the FDS.and its appointed Elders do not measure up to the meaning of trust.As the record shows,and painfully so,that many have suffered harm for misplacing their trust in such ones.

    Blueblades (who does not trust them any more and according to them that means that I don't trust God either.How do they know whom I trust?)

  • Gopher

    Trust is earned in any relationship, and cannot be demanded. Here the Watchtower magazine is DEMANDING blind trust in the elders just due to their "position".

    But how do we know Jehovah trusts these men? They don't walk on a higher level than the rest of us, they're merely human, and are subject to trials and errors.

    Again the Watchtower is fostering blind, cultlike obedience to the "masters" within the organization. This is in direct opposition to the scriptures that tell us not to rest our trust in men.

  • minimus

    In real life, I've NEVER seen 5 elders intently reading the Word of God together, TRUST ME! Elders are way too busy to do that!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Trusting in Jehovah means trusting in those whom he trusts

    I'll wait for the burning bush on that one.

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice . . . .

  • Blueblades

    Gopher,Good observation.They don't want the rank and file to trust the media and other reports that are coming out as the previous study article reveals,trust only them.

    Minimus,I do trust you!

    Big Tex, Ditto!


  • rocketman

    Another staged photo, obviously. When Iw as an elder, we seldom read the bible together even when deciding difficult matters. When we had meetings pre-CO visit for recommending brothers, we never looked up and read the qualifications. We finally did it once, at the behest of myself and another elder.

  • simplesally

    Right, like you want to trust an elder that gives you bad advice.......knowing that even according to the Bible, Jehovah has allowed "operation of error" to exist. Well, do I want an elder, who may have been "appointed" in error (and even tho, in the end Jehovah will correct it), do I really want to follow bogus advice simple because he is an elder??? Yes, they say that Jehovah will work things out in the end, that there may be some reason unbeknownst to us that something is allowed to continue............but I am sorry, I want the things in the NOW to go as well as I can make them happen or at least try.


    God trusts WBTS,because WBTS say`s so!....Show me just one instance where WBTS has lied to it`s members..How about two?..Er-uh,how about 279..Yeah thats it! ..Show me 279 instances where WBTS has lied to it`s members..Smart-ass ex-JW`s,lets see you answer that one.....OUTLAW

  • ozziepost
    I've NEVER seen 5 elders intently reading the Word of God together,

    Could have been during the opening five minutes of the quarterly elders' meeting, perhaps?

  • Stephanus

    Considering Jehovah has never entrusted the FDS with a single correct end-time date (and there've been lots of those), can anyone really believe that these are Jehovah's "trusted ones" (to use a typical Dub designation)?

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