What the Judge thought of Bethany Hugh’s Mother

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  • jgnat

    The latest WT study article suggests,

    If we courageously explain our Scriptural position to a Judge, we are delivering an important message. Caption, page 12 WT March 1, 2003, April 13 study “Be Courageous and Strong

    I thought it might be instructive to read a true Judge’s reaction to such testimony. The following is excerpted from the judgement of Madam Justice C. A. Kent, April 10, 2002.

    [67] First, I had thought that we as a society had come to understand that what occurred under Nazi rule was a singular event because it was so horrible. It is not something that should be lightly used as a comparator. Second, if [Bethany’s mother] truly believes what she says, then it is a very strong indication that she has no perspective on her child's current medical situation. She cannot make decisions for her or advise her.

    [68] That conclusion is fortified by [the mother’s] actions at the hospital. On March 4, Dr. Saunders writes at 1:15 p.m. (hospital records, p. 340), "[Bethany] struggled with her IV line during transfuse. 3 people required to hold her to keep her safe. I allowed Mom to stay if she promised not to touch her lines & use only verbal protest. She was unable to comply. I suggest that Mother not be by her side for next transfusion." It is troubling to hear that [Bethany’s] mother would risk harm to her child by tampering with medical equipment during a procedure. I am not talking about the long-term issues of whether or not to receive blood transfusions. I am talking about the immediate physical harm to [Bethany] if the lines were removed improperly.

    Initially the Child co-operated with medical staff but voiced her objections to the transfusions in a way that did not place herself or others at harm. She has informed me that she had been instructed to "fight" by both the Mother and Mr. Gnam, counsel for the Child and she was confused how passive resistance would not be accepted as "fighting". Once the Mother began to attend during the blood transfusions, there was an immediate and noticeable deterioration of the Child's behavior; ...

    The full judgement was posted here.

    Fortunately for JW apologists, the WT article supplies a response to such an unfavourable result.

    Some judges, however, have allowed themselves to be influenced by opposers. To such ones, the Scripture says: “Let yourselves be corrected.” para. 18

    Bethany’s mother believed she behaved correctly in every respect. She remains a member in good standing to this day. She can remain secure in the belief that she did nothing wrong - even though she put her own daughter in harm’s way - because the WTS has so instructed her. According to WT thought, the Judge was in error and requires correction.

    The WT should take care. Jehovah has a long-standing record on how He deals with stiff-necked people who refuse to be held to account.

  • DJ

    All I can say is 'sad, so sad'.... I have the tendency, due to my own experience w/ jw's during my husband's transfusion.....to HATE Bethany's mom. I know that it is wrong though. That's why I can only say SAD. She (Bethany's mom) has been deceived by false teachers into thinking that God desires sacrifice and not mercy. I am so sad for this family. The wt will pay dearly one day for imposing this false teaching. dj

  • jgnat

    You know this woman has not allowed herself to consider if her actions were cruel in any way. She gave over her conscience to the WTS a long time ago. And they have reassured her, I am sure, that she is the heroine in this little tale.

    How ever would she forgive herself, if she ever comes out from under their spell? Perhaps it is kinder for her mental health that she remain in the society.

  • BeautifulGarbage
    Perhaps it is kinder for her mental health that she remain in the society.

    Indeed. As a mother who has held her daughter to comfort her during the same sort of procedure, I doubt Bethany's Mother will ever come out of her WTS induced fog. To do that, she would have to face the fact that she fought desperately for her own daughter's death.

    I believe that Bethany's Mom will only hold on more tenaciously to the WTS doctrines. Her conscience depends on it.


  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Thanks for posting. Can I access the transcript online or could you email it to me?



  • jgnat

    The full transcript is here.


    Expatbrit posted it. I did include the link in my post above, but perhaps you missed it.

  • cruzanheart

    Those excerpts make me physically ill. If that mother ever wakes up from her religion-induced trance and really looks at herself and what she did, she will go insane.


  • outoftheorg

    Cruzanheart my dear, she is already displaying a degree of insanity. In that she throws away the advice of medical experts and legal experts in favor of the advice of a cult. She continued trying something that has been tried many times and never succeeded. Following a cults medical advice that is almost sure to bring about death and relying on an unknown future mystical occurance to fix it all.



    Family Court, and Queens Bench both decided that Arliss and Bethany were under so much undue influence and pressure from the JW religion that they were not capable of making an informed or indepedent decision or able to exercise their own free will. These decisions were upheld in the Appellet Court, Supreme Court, back again in Family Court and QB. It is very likely that Arliss and the WTS are responsible for the premature death of Bethany. Bethany had a very agressive form of leukemia and treatment was prevented for an entire week. To postpone treatment for even a day could be fatal. The last two months Arliss with the help of the WTS hide Bethany. Her health was improving from the treatments she had received earlier. Then they gave her chemotherapy treatments without blood transfusions which is a death sentence. Her doctor told me that Bethany's cancer count was low and not life threatening and that she died from not having enough blood in her system. The chemotherapy they gave her killed off her blood cells.

    Since last July , I have been allowed to see Cassandra my youngest daughter only three times, and only because they needed something from me. What a cruel thing to do, to prevent me from seeing her. They call themselves Christians....what a joke that is!!! The WTS Legal Department SPECIALIZES in breaking up families and killing children. They have lawyers that do nothing else but Custody Cases or Blood Cases. Anyone who wants to take action and do something can contact me at www.watchtower-victims.org. At present I have been contacted by about two thousand victims. I am currently preparing to take action after the summer holidays. Would you like to STAND and be counted?


  • DJ

    Shunned Father,

    You have been through much. I wish it never happened to you or Bethany. As for Cassandra......that is not right! Why don't you see her more often? I'm guessing that she lives w/ her mom. Legally, how can her mom keep her away from you? How sad.

    I read some of your site. I have many things to hate the watchtower for but I don't think I want to sue them. Thanks for the offer..... I hope that you win and win BIG. Do you still have a lot of legal bills unpaid? I wish you all the best. dj

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