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  • somebody

    This is what the Watchtower feed the public on it's officail web site for the public to read:

    Jehovah's Witnesses: Who Are They?

    "Actually, Jehovah's Witnesses are interested in you and your welfare. They want to be your friends..."

    This what the hypocrital Watchtower INC PUBLISHING factory feed into the brains of it's PUBLISHERS in order to train them to be just as the Pharisees. (Mind you, this is printed for only insiders/PUBLISHERS/JWs in the Kingdom Ministry. PUBLISHED by their leaders, to see and read and NOT for the unsuspecting public to read:

    In the 5/99 Kingdom Ministry:

    "Some of the food vendors in the convention facilities being used are now demanding that they be allowed to open their food stands and serve the delegates attending our conventions. If this were permitted, many "worldly" people would be mixing in company with us during the day."

    So JWs want to be a friend to worldly people and "care about their welfare" ?

    Or do they not want to be "mixed in with their company during the day??

    Which is it?

    And I would love from JWs who attend assemblies and hear it "suggested" by the speakers on the platform delivering the "spiritual food" to invite waitresses where they may stop to eat or any other "worldly" people along their stops while attending assemblies for the PUBLISHING COMPANY to keep in mind FIRST that you don't want "worldly people mixing in with you during the day" ! What is the difference between a food vendor and a restaurant owner or it's emplyees/wait staff?

    What do JWs think about what they READ from their OWN leaders, compared to what they HEAR from their own leaders? If the WTS does not want "worldly" people mixing in with their PUBISHERS during the day, then why in world do you spend your DAYS going door-to-door trying to MIX in with them? Is it ok to mix in with worldly people for the purpose of seeking potentail publishers, even so far as to visit their homes? but not ok for "worldly" people to attend your "life saving spiritual feast" at assemblies?

    I say the WBTS INC COMMERCIAL BUSINESS give it's free labor workers the business in a BIG way!



  • sandy

    Somebody brought up some very interesting points. JW are taught to say such things so they can deceive people.

    How about this one? "I understand you are not interested and we are not hear trying to convert you to our religion we just want to share with you some vital information blah blah blah blah................................... "

    I can't really remember all the nonsense I used to sell at the door.

    Were we not infact there to change all we can. Turn everyone into JWs? I must admit I always felt a little guilty about being deceiving to people at the doors.

  • somebody

    I hear ya, sandy!

    And I rember reading in a publication that the JWs are involved in a CONVERSION work. Yet they will deny that they are trying to convert you when asked. I know they will because I WAS ONE and I did just that. I denied denied denied! Have you ever read what the leaders of the JWs are told to say when they are doing telemarketing phone witnessing for the Watchtower Society Incorporated Publishing Business if they are asked who they represent? You'd laugh if you read it!

    So I guess they "care about your welfare" and "want to be your friend"...unless, of course, you're a food vendor working hard and trying to make an honest living. If that is the case, then they don't want the company of your sort, nor any patrons who may buy off of you, to mixing in with them. And I know food vendors have a hard time and it is a very challenging business.

    I wonder if the WBTS Charitable non-profit organization would accept monetary donations from food vendors? My guess is that they would. With NO QUESTIONS asked!



  • Mystery

    Your Friends?

    I thought JW's were the ONLY ONES that would live forever. Why would they want "friends" that did not have the same promise as themselves?

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