What Makes You an Apostate?

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  • Aletheia1914

    Hello everyone! I was really excited about all the wonderful news related to these changes. I disassociated back in 2019 and my parents have not spoken with me since then. My brother who never got baptized kind of serves as a liaison between me and my parents as they will not contact me directly. He made sure to let me know that, this new light does not change how my parents will treat me as they consider me to be an apostate.

    Do you think the governing body will provide more information to the congregations on who is defined as an apostate? I just find it hard to believe that they’ll be fine with greeting someone who is a child molester, but have a problem with somebody who just didn’t want to be a Jehovah’s Witness anymore.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • jehovaxx

    This is the $64 million question.

    What constitutes apostate or promoting serious sin?

    these are the only two reasons that they think the scriptures apply not eating a meal or saying a greeting to.

    Whats is apostate? I know many active JWs who express doubts over the GB but they are not necessarily apostates. I think you would have to be really strongly spreading anti JW news.

    If someone is smoking or alcoholic are they promoting these things? Not really.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Ive posted this before. Only a couple of years ago an elder said to me : "to question the GB is to question jehovah".

    I would say that this is the attitude of most hard line elders/ jw's. Its not about your value as a human or whether you are living an otherwise moderate lifestyle. Just start asking questions that apear to criticise the GB and they will slap an apostate label on you. Word will spread and - just like that- you're a 'known apostate'.

    After these changes though, who knows how things will go. The GB explicitly stated the exception to the arrangement was not to bother with apostates, so they still want to maintain a high level of control.

  • Diogenesister

    Just to say they won't be fine with "greeting" a child molester, as they did single it out as one of the particularly egregious sins for which you can be DF - ie child abuse - where there'll be no change in the current situation of sunning DF ones.

    Also....I'm so sorry your parents are being too pig headed to grab this opportunity to reunite with you. It must hurt.

  • Foolednomore

    This is a Watchtower definition. I No longer want to be a Jw because of fraud and misleading advice from Watchtower.

    My friends don't care that I use to be a Jw neither does my family. This their rules, I got my own life.

  • TonusOH

    As I always understood it, an apostate was someone who opposed the organization. Hence why they were referred to as 'opposers' by the WTS. If you went against the direction of the GB, you were an apostate. This could be as simple as disagreeing with an interpretation of Bible texts or differing on doctrines and policies. As joey jojo said, they feel that the GB stands between Jehovah and the rank-and-file. To disagree with the GB is to oppose Jehovah.

    And let's be clear on CSA- they only treat it so seriously because they have been forced to, both by cultural and legal pressures. Before, they may have claimed to take it seriously, but their actions didn't show that at all. They've been shamed by 'the worldly' into doing something they should have been doing from the beginning, if they were indeed 'spirit-guided.'

  • jehovaxx
    "to question the GB is to question jehovah".

    Things have changed. The vaccine mandate changed eve and it’s been downhill from there.

    A vast number questioned them pushing the vax and many of these went against direction and did not get any vaccine at all, many more went against direction to stay fully vaccinated and stopped getting their boosters.

    They now say the GB is not inspired or infallible so maybe they made a mistake saying the vaccine is safe?

    I know others talking about Steve Lett saying babies were little enemies of God. They all said he was wrong. And they said that was a silly thing to say.

    loads more examples like that, are they all apostate? No not at all.

    In the congregations many are now saying we will get more new light which means they doubt the current understanding the GB have. This is not apostate.

    If you make videos or write a book something along those lines then you are spreading apostate material this is how far you have to go

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