pleeeeeease help.....I need some good suggestions re: UN scandal

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  • SpiceItUp

    OK after a long biblical discussion with both my parents ( was working on mom and she pulled dad in which totally screwed up my plan and left all of us at a standstill ), I mentioned the UN thing which neither of them has heard about. I told them I would write 2 letters. One to the WTS and one to the UN. I need your help with composing them (or if someone has already composed one maybe some pointers).

    Pleeeeease help ---- I want to make sure they are worded just right so that way my parents can't weasel around it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • jwsons
  • zev

    everything you need is here:

    my letter is here:

    feel free to use whatever you find. there are links all over the place to everything on my site with all the evidence you will need.

  • SpiceItUp

    Thanks for the links. I will work on my letters today. Want to get them done asap.


    Did you get a response to that letter?

  • somebody

    hi SpiceItUp,

    Check you PM box.



  • zev

    YES I DID.

    i got the form letter.


  • zev

    and by reading my letter and getting a formed response.......

    that sent me over the edge.

  • SpiceItUp

    Thanks so much.

    You have been very helpful indeed. I am working on my letters right now. I am going to send out the UN one first that way I can send their response along with the letter to the WTS.

    Thanks again. I really appreciate all the help.

  • Tashawaa

    A word of advice....

    I found when I wrote the UN that I got a response much quicker via email. I never received a written letter. The Society sent me their "response" 2 weeks after I sent them my initial letter (I didn't send any attachments), however they never wrote back to my questions.... hmmmm. 2 weeks later I was DF'd.

    [email protected] - Dana responded from the UN regarding my library pass question, and also sent me an attachment spelling out the WTBTS disassociation from the UN.

    [email protected] - spelled out for me the NGO relationship with the UN

    I also wrote to Stephen Bates, the journalist who opened this story in Britian, and caused the Society to withdraw their association.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  • SpiceItUp

    somebody-----thank you

    tash----I faxed my letter to the UN. Im hoping that will cut back on some time. I will wait for their response before I send one to the WTS that way I can send all my back-up stuff with it. In the meantime I printed those articles from the Guardian and also the info pages on the NGO. I have given them to my father to read (and I saw him checking it out)

    keeping my fingers crossed for now.

    Thanks again everyone.

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