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  • Trauma_Hound
  • joannadandy

    Was that funny? I couldn't tell...

    Poor taste my man...

  • Trauma_Hound

    Well considering it's posted in Jokes and Humor.

    <Wondering where peoples, sense of humor has gone>

  • Uzzah

    The physical act of placing something in a "Jokes" forum does not make it automatically become funny.

    <Wondering where peoples, sense of humor has gone>

    <Wondering where people's sense of decency or respect for sensitivities of others has gone>

    Despite your placement of the picture in a joke area, it could still easily be considered "flame baiting" or even "trolling" in view the emotionally charged nature of war related threads at this site.

    So you think peeing on a soldier is funny? Speaks volumes about you man.

    Peeing on a pile of guns might have gotten a half decent response from many, peeing on the soldier himself simply is not funny imo.


  • Scully

    Sorry TH, but I didn't find it funny either.

    Here's a young man - remember, he's someone's brother/ husband/ father/ boyfriend/ son/ friend - prepared to give his life for the sake of freedom in a place that's far from anywhere he knows as "home", and the "thanks" he's getting for trying to help restore peace and order and justice in a country that's been run by a dictator for 30+ years, is to have a 3 year old pee on him. Makes you wonder what he's heard about Americans from his own family.....

    Love, Scully

  • funkyderek

    I'm not sure why this is getting such a bad rap. I though it was quite funny. I don't think the kid is making a political statement. He's just answering nature's call.

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