Since everything about the origins of the Watchtower magazine were proved wrong, what legitimacy can its inheritors claim?

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  • btlc
    Half banana: One significant evidence which Adventists had been relying on was the scripture in Daniel based on 607 BCE as the date when Jerusalem was destroyed by Cyrus. Russell said that this date 607 BCE was the pivotal date for predicting the end of god’s enemies on Earth.
    Just to comment, CT Russell never spoke about 607 BCE, not even Rutherford, their number was 606 BCE. The first mention of 607 BCE was soon after Rutherford's death, in the 1943. book "The Truth Shall Make You Free", page 239.
    Btw, Russell had a few different ways to "prove" 1874. year - measurement of the Great pyramid, six thousand years from creation of Adam by former chronology, by anchor date 539 CE plus 1335 from Daniel's prophecy...

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