AM or FM? What is your favorite Radio Station?

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  • Mac

    AM The Big 89..........WLS Chicago

    mac, of the 50,000 watt mofo class

  • pr_capone

    LMAO @ Unc

    Kazza is a file sharing program. Music from all over the world is readily available on it as well as movies and games. For the discerning aduld there are also adult titles available.

    Check it out at

    Kansas District Overbeer

    btw, ty brudda!

  • Fe2O3Girl
  • JH


    Believe it or not, I can listen to that radio station where I live at some 800 miles away... at night only thanks to skip.

  • TresHappy

    Definitely FM - most of the stuff below 92 on the dial. Which means it's non-profit, so not as many commercials. Did anyone else know about that - all non-profit stations being below 92 - sort of interesting...(at least it was to me - lol)

  • SpunkyChick

    Just learned about Salvage Nation the other day....I believe it's broadcasted from Chicago, Denver, LA and a few's 600AM radio. Great cynical, comical, political commentary!!

    95.7 Kiss FM Jamie and Danny in the mornings while waking up for work (they're also syndicated)....

    Lots of music from

    *SpunkyChick is a metal FrEaK* Rock on!

  • kelpie

    FM is the only way to go


    Here in Toronto: the FM congestion is unbelievable. From 88.1 to 107.9 - the band is plugged full of stations, and we can get the FM from Buffalo, NY., very clearly, as it's not far away.

    AM: we have several here as well, but they tend to be talk-radio oriented. At night, of course, the ionosphere changes significantly, and stations from Canada/USA bounce far distances. As a kid, I loved this very much.

    We have a variety of community/campus FM stations (3 of them) Ryerson, University of Toronto, and York University.

    There are countless FM stations of every format it seems. I tend to listen to CDs more than anything, but if I am listening to FM, this is what I'll tune into:

    CIFE-106.5 Aboriginal FM (First Nations Radio), Y108 from Hamilton (classic rock), CBC 99.1 FM, CHTZ 97.7 St. Catherines/Niagara Falls (rock).

    On AM Radio, well, there's News 680 (CFTR), then the big 50,000 watt: AM 740 CHWO - which can be heard over most of eastern North America, at night. Also, WNED-AM 970 from Buffalo, New York (NPR). Sometimes I listen to Oldies 1150 from Hamilton, ON., which is just down the road from Toronto.

    Since I work in a bar/tavern where live bands perform, I tend to pick up a lot of independent music there. I try to check out the independent performers as often as I can, because they tend to have something innovative and regurgitated.

    JH? do you remember Montreal's old CKGM 980? That was helluva a top40 station many years ago. Toronto's 1050CHUM went back to its oldies format btw.

  • Gopher

    Being the sports fan that I am, I listen a lot to sports-talk radio.

    The flagship station of an eight-station network is KFAN, Minneapolis - St. Paul, AM 1130.

  • JH

    JH? do you remember Montreal's old CKGM 980?
    Yes I do, and I loved it... That was in the 80's. Only problem was that I was slightly out of range where I live.

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