SARS here to stay

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  • Simon

    Scary stuff:

    By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An alarming new respiratory disease that spread from southern China to virtually every continent within months is probably here to stay, health experts say.

    World health officials moved quickly to try to contain the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome once word got out, but it was carried too quickly by person-to-person contact and is now probably entrenched in the population, they said. The disease concerns doctors because it can cause severe pneumonia that cannot be helped by drugs. About four percent of patients die.

    There are more questions than answers right now about SARS because doctors are not 100 percent certain about the virus that causes the disease and are still collecting data, said Dr. Jim Hughes, head of infectious diseases at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Once there is a test for the virus that causes the disease, doctors can find out how common it is, how infectious, and whether some people are more likely to spread it than others. "We have more than 150 suspected SARS cases in the United States today. At the end of all this we'll be able to classify many of those into confirmed or not SARS categories," Hughes said in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

    The World Health Organization reported 2,722 suspected SARS cases worldwide, with 106 deaths in 16 countries. This compares to a minimum of 250,000 deaths a year globally from influenza and its complications, but doctors are not ready to dismiss SARS. "I think we have to assume that the virus is in Asia to stay," Hughes said. "In terms of its introduction into North America, whether it is here to stay I think remains to be seen but I think we should assume that it may well be." A SARS SEASON? CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding earlier this week suggested SARS may begin to show a seasonal pattern, as do other respiratory diseases such as colds and influenza. Doctors believe a coronavirus similar to strains that cause the common cold may cause SARS. "I think you might expect it will because other respiratory illnesses do," Hughes said. Scientists are already working on a vaccine to fight SARS and are screening banks of drugs to see if one can fight the virus. But they have warned that it takes years to develop a new vaccine for a disease. Vaccines and drugs are unlikely to wipe out any illness. The only human disease that has been eradicated is smallpox, through a global immunization program that ended in 1980. WHO says it is close to eradicating polio, another viral disease that infects only humans, but says pockets remain in places like Afghanistan and parts of Africa. Despite years of work on flu vaccines, influenza manages to adapt and evolve and cause a new epidemic every year. Hughes said it is only a matter of time before another influenza pandemic sweeps the world, killing perhaps millions

  • xjw_b12

    Simon.. Perhaps you should write for the WBTS. Are you scare mongering ?????

    Yes SARS is frightful, but as goverment web sites from any country including Canada will inform you...... at this point it is OVERBLOWN.........

    BTW 19 or so cases in Ontario........none in Alberta.


    Hey Simon,we had a sars clinic open in B.C..It was shut down a day or two ago,no cases of sars here yet.I haven`t heard of any in your dads province either,(just next door)Alberta...Toronto is bad news though...OUTLAW

  • onacruse

    Many (most?) of the posts about SARS seem to me (a non-medical layman) to seem almost strident in downplaying the infective potential this disease has and the potential worldwide fatality it may yet cause.

    A speculation: many of us would downplay even the possibility of another world-wide plague, if only to hopefully deny the WTS any satisfaction of a "we told you so."


  • Scully

    Here is today's update from Health Canada regarding SARS:

    Love, Scully

  • Xandria

    Actually it is here in NC. there are 2 cases so far.


  • cruzanheart

    It's pretty close to home here -- two cases in Collin County, which is where Plano and Murphy are.


  • wednesday

    i know they are saying it is not biological warfare, but the timing is just so"spot on". Could this be planned? It is scary.

  • LyinEyes

    I was watching the news and it is in Florida, a little 6 year old boy has it now, supposedly from a relative that visited Singapore?? Not real sure on this info, but panic is sitting in on the parents of other kids at the school. Someone eles has it also from exposure at work,,,,,,,,, it is so contagious it seems.

    This scares me to death because my 8 yr old song has Chronic Lung Diease and Asthma, he is doing pretty good right now, but you just never know when he can turn bad.

    I know that the elderly and people with pre exsisting lung problems are going to be hit hard if this spreads quickly, I hope they find a cure soon, or at least something to help slow it down. I am really frightened and yeah it does remind me of the old JW fears of wars, reports of wars, famine, and pestilence,,,,,,,,all these dieases that can't be cured. It does make those "living in the last days" fear come back to surface......( note..... even if we are in the last days, I am still sure JW's are not God's choosen people..........,,,,, God save us all, even some of them too)...........Dede

  • m0nk3y

    I understand your cause for concern LyinEyes, but it isnt that contagious, it may seem that way because of the worldwide media coverage on it, but think about it, from billions of people worldwide only a couple of thoasand surposedly have it and only just over a hundred people have died from it .. this is since last september. There are alot more nasty things out there killing alot more people daily like cancer, AIDS etc. I recon if the crap hadn't been going on with terrorism this desease wouldnt been as closely scutinised. I'm not playing down the people that have died so far and yes this has the potentail to be nasty . but we don't live in the middle ages .. I have faith in our worldwide medical teams working on the problem as we speak.


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