Big Tex got tagged and is now a WTBTS statistic!

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  • cruzanheart

    I told him we needed a peephole in our front door. He'd just gotten out of bed when the doorbell rang and without thinking, he answered it. There stood the wife of the congregation secretary, who is a regular pioneer, and some other woman he didn't know. They started off with some lame excuse about condolences regarding my dad's death, and Chris pointed out that Dad died back in February so they were a little late. Still smiling, she skipped over that part to "and we just wanted to let you know that the Memorial is next week." [PAUSE] Chris said, "yes, we know." [PAUSE] "And it's going to be at 7:30." Chris: "Uh-huh." [LONG PAUSE] Chris said they just stood there like they wanted an invitation to come in. Finally he told them that he had to be going because he had an appointment, so they left.

    Now, that woman (1) knows I work days, and (2) knows I moved my card to a different congregation last year. Talk about a cheap way to count time! Another person from that congregation came by shortly after Dad's death, again with a second woman in tow AND a car group waiting at the curb. They stayed for about five minutes, made polite small talk, and then left, never to be seen again.

    Robots, Stepford wives, whatever -- I'll feel sorry for them when I'm done being mad at their hypocrisy and lack of love.


  • ashitaka
    I'll feel sorry for them when I'm done being mad at their hypocrisy and lack of love.

    it's been four years from me and I'm still in that stage...understand that

  • mattnoel

    Makes you so sick that they even have the nerve to come anywhere near your house !!!! Your hubby was polite considering because they would of been running from my door !

  • minimus

    There ain't nothin' like Southern hospitality! I would have said (being a Northerner), "thank you, but I've gt to go the bathroom", and leave.

  • simplesally

    Oh come on Minimus, couldn't you have been more specific and said, "Excuse me, ma'am, I've got diarreha, I really must run, unless you want to come in and count time while you wait for me, believe me it'll only be a minute."

  • obiwan

    mattnoel, you hit the nail on the head! lol

  • MegaDude

    You'll know you're well along in your "recovery" from the JW experience when you actually look forward to the JWs knocking at your door so you can help them.

    I like it when the JWs come over. After I butter them up for putting forth the effort to get out of bed on the weekend to share "the Word of God" with me I begin asking a series of questions designed to *lead* them down a path most JWs haven't walked down; it's called *thinking.* Most JWs begin to panic or become very alarmed as the questions progress toward obvious conclusions any sane person would reach. After a while I began to realize something I hadn't before: JWs have no faith in truth or God; they only have faith in the Watchtower. You start to crack that illusion and they certainly act like sheep....panicked sheep running all over the place because they are terrified. I don't know about you but that did more for my personal recovery than anything else. Because it just confirms over and over again that I made the right decision and you realize how deeply fearful and clueless the average JW is. The Watchtower isn't about truth, it's not about love, and it's not even about Jehovah. For the average JW it's about fear and illusion.

  • cruzanheart

    What we're looking forward to is if-when the elders turn up on the doorstep. We have a folder of things we wish to discuss, as well as a blank tape in the cassette recorder so we can record the conversation. (THAT ought to make them nervous!) These random "sisters" aren't worth the trouble, though if I had been there I probably would have said something really rude, because I detest that woman's holier-than-thou attitude. When I moved my cards to Allen congregation, I talked to her and she expressed fake sorrow that she "didn't get to know [me] better." She told me that she had stopped by my house repeatedly but I was never home. I asked her when, and she said during the day, which again was just time counting because she KNEW I WORKED DURING THE DAY. What a fake.


  • gumby
    Talk about a cheap way to count time!

    Hi Nina,

    Makes ya sick doesn't it. When my daughter was young there was a pioneer sister who liked my daughter as my daughter and her son were friends when they were young. She finally moved away, but sent letters to my daughter.

    My daughter was so happy. I thought it strange she would write such lenghty letters.....every week!. They weren't that close. I told my wife I figured out what was going on.I said" wait until (my daughter ) gets baptized next month and we'll see if the letters still come. The next month my daughter was baptized and guess what? No more letters to my daughter from the faithful pioneer sister!

    She USED my daughter to get in her frickin time!

    Needless to say my daughter was hurt.

    Give BT a pat on the butt for handling the situation so well.


  • cruzanheart

    My pleasure, Gumby!


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