Wow Just got an invite to the Memorial

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The JWs seems to be coming to my door a lot more often now. Had an older woamn at the door with a magazine about whether children are forced to grow up too early?

    Well you can just imagine my questions!!! hehehe

    Yup especially when they are forced to deal with abuse and then cover it up.

    She started to tell me she didn't know if those stories were true.

    Aha ace up my sleeve - "I was one of them." stopped her cold.

    Then she started talking about none being in her cong. "Not what the last elder here told me so how do you know who is saying a prayer for you or sitting beside your kids?"

    Then she started to say she didn't like to think how aweful that was. "Well if you don't think about it then it will just go on and on."

    She then moved on to tell me what a terrible world it was. "Well the WT was a terrible world for me."

    Did you get some counseling? she asked. "No we were told not to."

    The poor woman just sttod there and shook her head and said she just didn't know what to say. So she changed the subject to some scripture that was supposed to be fulfillment of the war right now. I asked her for a favor - the magazine from last Nov about forgiveness.(that the elder said he would bring but didn't). I think she thought it might be helpful to me to forgive the elders or some odd thing but she promised to bring it back and invited me to the Memorial on the 16th. Been about 18 years since I was at one of those charades.


  • DJ

    Nice going Lady. I'm curious about what it was she was teaching about the war. My sister declared Iraq the king of the north and when I asked her how that could be, because I remember being taught that it was USSR....she said "well, it was Russia" I just left it there for her to hear herself, eventually.

  • xjw_b12

    Lady Lee. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    You said:

    She started to tell me she didn't know if those stories were true. Aha ace up my sleeve - "I was one of them." stopped her cold

    Curious, as to how you felt after you told her. A measure of satisfaction, or did you feel sorry for her. I cannot imangine if I were in her shoes, how I would ever reply to that !

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    She said something about the Revelation book 1988 version and the UK and US ganging up together against the UN to wage war and this was prophesied in the book - made no sense to me

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    xjw hmm I feel odd actually - I know they won't have any good answers. It is odd to watch them stumble and not have answers. I feel like my chains are broken but an odd mix of sadness for them and hope that something I might say will start them thinking again.

    At the end she asked if she could give me a hug.

    It was weird cuz she reminded me in some ways of my mother (appearance) but some still have a heart and if touched just the right way might start a mental thaw of the ice that freezes their brains

  • blondie

    Lady Lee, pardon this WTSese. According to the WTS, the US/UK combination is the 7th world power and is the "false prophet" with the lamblike dragon appearance, also the 2-horned wild beast. The UN is the scarlet colored wild beast that is ridden by Babylon the Great, the worldwide empire of false religion. The US/UK founded and has supported the UN. Nowhere does it say in the WTS publications that the US/UK will be attacked by the UN. There is nothing official in the WTS publications naming Iraq as the king of the north, just the ramblings and speculations of individual members who are longing for the "end."


  • xjw_b12
    At the end she asked if she could give me a hug.

    Did She ? It sounds like you really shook her up. Maybe, just maybe, might make her think? Any chance she gave you her name. Have old friends from that area and just wondering..........

    I suppose the invitation to the memorial was declined ?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Yes we hugged

    said her name was Margaret but that was all

    and I told her I would think about going to the Memorial

    The more I think about sitting through one of their totally boring meetings the less I like the idea

  • Valis

    lady..if you do go don't forget to take some Jarlsburg or or at least a can of cheese whiz..eheh


    District Overbeer

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Yeah I had a couple of sisters come by this morning to give "condolences" about Bill's death. (yeah whatever) Then they invited me to the Memorial. They wanted to come inside but I told I've got things to do (go away). And they left.

    Nina was more upset than I was. Frankly I don't care. It's not worth my energy to get angry. Now if that was a couple of elders, then I would be ready for a fight. But a couple of sisters looking for a way to keep their time going and get a cheap back call, who cares? It's like dealing with mosquitoes. They're annoying, but you can make them go away.

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