Would You Prefer To Respond To a Question Or A Book Report?

by minimus 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Matty

    You used to be able to rate a thread 5/5 here to show your appreciation for good writing even if you didn't reply with a post - it's a shame that facility seems to have gone - I wonder if it's ever coming back?

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I like to get to the point, I have other pressing matters to contend with. I'm with Prisca. OK attack me and find out what's going to happen! Imposing opinions on others is a no-no with me.

    Guest 77

  • topanga

    it depends on the topic. as i read through this stuff its strange to see how many are still applying watchtower 's teachings to current events as though its accurate bible prophecy .

  • minimus

    I suggest that if someone writes a good, detailed piece that is appreciated, we should acknowledge it by either making reference to it in a follow up comment or privately email the person to let them know they are appreciated. That way no one will feel slighted.

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