for the pet lovers, ....and for stephanus

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  • nowisee

    dear myself,

    thank you for your hugs and words of comfort -- you have done that for me on more than one occasion and im grateful. i too hope that all of your precious pets live long lives and give you much happiness.

    dear rayzorblade,

    well what can i say to you? you, dear soul, always come through with love and compassion. i am glad i am still under your wing. and speaking of wings, how is your parakeet? does she have a name yet?

    my love to you both, nowisee

  • nowisee

    bttt for stephanus, who i think is around somewhere.

  • acsot

    ((((nowisee))) I'm so sorry for you! Squeak sure was a special cat. I have two cats, one became very ill awhile back and I was totally distraught; thankfully she recovered, she had youth on her side (she was only about 4 years old at the time). I can't bear to think of how I'll react when something does happen to them. I wish I could take away your pain; animals are so special, and Squeak taught me a lesson also, through your beautiful story. Squeak lived a long and deservedly spoiled life. Remember all those times and forgive yourself for anything you regret. Squeak certainly would.

  • kelpie

    I am with you nowisee.

    I too am a cat lover. I have had to put my very first cat down for medical reasons and i cried for days. he was my best friend at the time and would play hide and go seek with me. will jump up and put his paws around my neck for a cuddle and would give me little love bites on my neck.

    I now have another cat that my sister gave me, which I will cherish as now my sister wont talk to me. I think everyone needs a pet in their life.

  • nowisee

    thanks acsot and kelpie.

    i appreciate your well wishes and kind words.

    it seems it won't be too long now before i'll have another furball (or 2) in my life.

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