Should a 78-year-old pioneer?

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  • NewYork44M

    Here is the situation. I found out that my 78-year-old mother-in-law is aux pioneering this month. She should not be driving at all and especially not with other people in the car. When I found out about her pioneering, told my wife that the elders should not have let her pioneer or, at least allowed it on the condition that she does not drive.

    Isn't it the responsibility of the elders to prevent a potential disaster? I would think that the elders could be held liable in case of an accident that could possible injure fellow witnesses and the general public. However, since I have no credibility because of my apostate attitude, the comment was totally dismissed.

    Perhaps I am being overly cautious. We, of course, know that the angels are watching over our fellow pioneers.

  • goofy

    If you feel she is not capable of driving any longer, maybe you could just drop an annonomous note addressed to the Elder body? It would probably be for her best and anyone else in the car.

  • SwordOfJah

    Yeah do whatever you can to take the joy away from your grandma.

  • NewYork44M


    If only she was happy. This is a person that is totally wracked with guilt. She has never allowed herself any happiness. She is constantly concerned that she is not "doing enough in the ministry." Her guilt has prevented her from having a close relationship with her grandchildren.

    She spent her whole life with every expectation that she would never grow old, which meant that she did not plan for the future either financially or emotionally.

  • Joyzabel

    I didn't know the elders issued driver's license! Silly me, I thought the DMV was responsible for who could drive and who couldn't.


    edited to put the right department in, sorry.

  • SwordOfJah

    Somehow I know that your grandma would have a whole different view of her own situation.

  • blondie

    Most DMVs have a procedure to follow (usually a form to turn in) regarding older drivers that might be dangerous to themselves and/or others. Check with your local DMV. Then their doctor examines them and submits a report. Based on the report, the DMV may cancel their drivers license. The elder body has no authority over that except to caution the person about bloodguilt. If you are really concerned, call the DMV.


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