Any Dart Players Out There?

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  • Valis

    My Catholic School Girl has been taking me to the dart tournaments that her company has monthly...Besides the partying, the games are starting to grow on me...I think I like 301 the best, but cricket is a longer game, but just as fun. We didn't win anything last tourney, but next month I'll try and not have so many fine Pilsners and Grolsch before I play..*LOL* So, any other dart players loitering about??


    District Overbeer of the "Diddle This!" class

  • dubla

    yeah valis......i used to be quite the shark back when i was bar hopping all week long, but since ive settled down i havent played much tournaments anyhow. cricket has always been my favorite game...and when we have more than 2 players, cut throat cricket is the best. 301 is okay for warm ups, but cricket is the ultimate competition game, imo. usually im on target the first three or four games....but once the empty pitchers start piling up, my game goes to s***.


  • Makena1

    Yep - darts, horseshoes, 9 ball - Makena is always ready for a game!

    And yes, alcohol can be a problem! LOL


  • xenawarrior

    Yep Yep Yep

    Cricket is a much better game. 301 takes too long and like you said- requires less skill. Have darts will travel. I'd let you use them Valis but they have "Packers" flights on them

    XW of the "hat trick" class

  • Joyzabel

    checking in Valis,

    last fall when flower & b_ster visited us we introduced them to darts and they went home with a board of their own!!

    I agree that cricket is the best to play if you're good. We had some company from the land up North and they taught us a double in double out game. That one was a little tricky too.

    When you get good, swing by our place and play some with us. (ok, maybe we'll be able to play then!!!)


  • Matty

    I don't understand all the different types of dart games being played! I know the regular darts - the ones with the steel tips, and I know there's another type that looks like a fisher-price darts set. I'm also confused over who is supposed to be the world champion as there is more than one world championship!

  • Englishman

    We usually play 501 in our pubs, double to start and to finish.

    I'm not very good. Matter of fact I would be better of sticking the darts in the wall and throwing the board.


  • TruckerGB

    I couldnt hit a barn door at 2 paces with a set of darts.



  • Scully

    I enjoy playing darts and billiards.

    I'm out of practice, but I would love to get back into those games.

    Love, Scully

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