Since leaving the org..what do you do with the time that you now have free?

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  • MoeJoJoJo

    After quitting meeting attendance, study for meetings and field service we gain alot of time. I wasn't used to having that time to just do nothing and I've never been used to doing just nothing (relaxing and having time to stop and smell the roses). So I joined the PTO, my kids signed up for sports, I became a parent volunteer at the school, I became a coach and the list goes on. I enjoy all of those things immensely but I started spreading myself out to thin again. Maybe part of the reason why is because I felt I wanted to make up for lost time.

    Did or do you find yourself doing the same thing?

    I'm trying not to get so involved in things now and just sit back a little and enjoy life and just having time on my hands.

  • nowisee

    you surely must be kidding.

    im as busy or busier now than i ever was as jw!!

  • calamityjane

    Let me see what else do I have time for. Like most on this board we have moved on with our lives and are enjoying ourselves for the first time. We too have put our children into soccer in the spring, where we have become coaches for both our daughter and son's teams.

    We have time to do what we enjoy in the summer time, camping on the weekends which we would not have been capable of doing if we adhered to the strict Saturday and Sunday routines of the bOrg.

    And we spend a lot of time with old and new friends that we try to squeeze into our busy social life.

  • goofy

    It still seems like I am busy all of the time. But I joined some sports, made some friends, ect..but I am still very busy. But at least I get to choose what I am busy with. What I do not miss, is having to stress about putting talks together. I always waited to the last minute and then had to make the time to get it together somehow. I am not very good at sitting still and such. I am a true sales person by nature, so I am not much into researching for talks. I am so happy not to have to do that anymore.

  • freedom96

    I am very busy now, with work, family, friends. Cannot imagine having to spend so much time going to the meetings, service, personal study, assemblies, etc.

  • NaruNaruChan

    The time I spent at meetings has been replaced with time spent hanging out with friends, studying for school, working, SLEEPING IN, and just generally enjoying my newfound freedom. ^_^ I picked up a few hobbies that don't require me to wear pantyhose and heels, like... building models, surfing, etc. ^_^ LIFE IS GOOD!!!

  • digderidoo

    After leaving the org you can spend time doing the things that you shouldn't have done before!!!

    Drinking, smoking, having sex, partying, watching a movie that has a swear word in it!!!!....plenty to do.


  • Fruitcake

    I read my Bible.

  • outnfree

    The time that I used to spend preparing for meetings, attending meetings, and out in field service are now being put to use in expanding my mind, mostly.

    Always an avid reader, I am now free to read a greater variety of subjects without guilt. I have enrolled in college and am pursuing a degree.

    Also, I am working on decorations for my #2 daughter's junior prom (I volunteered at my kids' schools while I was still a JW, so that didn't change, but the need has lessened as the youngest is now a high school freshman) and schlepped my son back and forth to football practice last fall. I have time to drive back and forth to my eldest daughter's college on Thurs. nights if she wants to come home for the weekend (no Friday classes ;) ). And I can stay out late with my husband on a Saturday night without dreading having to get up early on Sunday.

    Pretty nice, actually. :) Thanks for asking, MoeJoJoJo.


  • freeman

    Sometimes on a Sunday morning I’ll sit there in the living room or out on the deck when the weather is nice drinking my coffee, reading the paper, and contemplating the world and local events described therein.

    My wife sometimes will join me, drinking her coffee and reading her paper about events that are promised, but never seem to happen.
    My paper is filled with mostly bad news, but I enjoy reading it, her paper is filled with "good news", but she finds no real enjoyment.

    I read my paper leisurely and flip through the pages one after the other until I find something of interest. My wife reads her paper systematically and underlines portions of the page with a yellow highlighter; there is no interest only the obligation to hurry-up and finish her task before she runs out of time.

    She showers, puts on her make-up, and gets dressed in her finest formal skirt. I chill out in my old comfortable sweats and ripped tee shirt.

    As she hurries out the door on her way to her meeting, she glances back and says with words that are never spoken, poor foolish man, I will lose him at Armageddon because he does not come with me to these vital meetings. But what can I do about it?

    And she says goodbye and shuts the door behind her, I sit there and sometimes I shake my head and every now and then I just can’t help but burst into tears for her because this unloving cult runs her ragged. But what can I do about it?

    Don’t get me wrong, I truly relish my freedom, I just wish I could share it with my wife, she deservers better; she deserves much better.


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