On Swedish nationwide television today: SilentLambs

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  • TheOldHippie

    This evening, the Swedish national television corporation is showing a one hour program based on Bowen / SilentLambs / Panorama, called "J.W. - a pedophiles' paradise".

  • onacruse

    Hippie, as I recall, Panorama was shown in Germany right after it aired in UK. But I haven't heard that it aired anywhere else. Is this Swedish broadcast another in a series of European "follow-ups"?



  • TheOldHippie

    Yep, it is - I just saw the "advert" or whatever you call it, a one-minute preview, and it included interviews with Bowen, separate Swedish cases, and "secret" taping of congregational meetings in Sweden, as well as interviews with Swedish WT spokesmen.

  • izobcenec

    WIll the whole video be online? Can anyone capture it? Thanx!

  • Matty

    You can see the trailer by clicking on this link:


    (Many thanks to Nordic who originally posted the link on Kent's Forum)

  • Haereticus

    "But I haven't heard that it [Panorama] aired anywhere else."

    Panorama has been shown here in Finland with a local dub lying about national situation. Last night I saw the Swedish program, where those local dubs made themselves look very silly indeed.


  • tazmaniac

    I can only imagine what witnesses will hear at the doors this weekend !!!!!

  • Haereticus

    Just half an hour ago it was announced in swedish TV-news that last night's document has triggered a couple of paedophile reports to police in Gothenburg area.


  • Voyager

    Old Hippie:

    Thanks for the post. Information such as yours may save a life some day. Really good stuff. Does anybody have any information on any updated programs that will air in the U.S.? Voyager.

  • TheOldHippie

    I haven't got much time right now, and I will not start a debate, just give a couple of lines on the reaction of the program. The program itself was "pretty much the same" as the previous ones of them (in Germany etc.), where one could say that certain exaggerations were made, but where the main image that one is left with, is the reluctance to reply from the side of the Society, the pre-taped replies to questions (coming from Brooklyn, and not even local or translated), with strange-looking well-fed security guards outside of Brooklyn, phones being hung up by the coordinator etc.

    The discussions afterwards and on the Swedish television's internet site has been surprisingly good or to the fact. The reactions have been divided into the following cathegories: 1. Witnesses denying most of it and saying the program was biased; 2. Ex-Witnesses stating this is just the top of the ice cap/shelf/whatever, and all Witnesses are rotten and evil etc.; 2. Anti-Witnesses stating they should be prohibited/jailed/exiled; 4. Neighbours or relatives or work-mates saying they know Witnesses and know this cannot be true, that Witnesses are decent, but that the leaders are the problem; 5. Evangelicals etc. stating that this proves the Witnesses are not Christian, because such things could never happen in their congregations; 6. Neutrals stating that Witnesses are OK people, but mislead in certain aspects, and that their leaders have one big problem with this. Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 5 have been the minority group, and nos. 4 and 6 have outnumbered these. And that, in my humble opinion, perhaps is the "good" thing to come out of it, that one without pointing to theology and calling each others apostates or whatever, point to decent people trying to live as clean and good and "Christian"as they can but where the legalism or practises of the leadership create problems and victims. The majority here is perhaps more "relaxed" or "balanced", less emotional that in som eother countries, and so you do not have the great outcry, but you have good, solid opinions, and you have people being able to separate between individuals and leaders, decent people and bad policy.

    Two cases have been reported to the police, and this morning the news reported that the police will investigate the Witnesses' stand on this issue. At the same time, Norwegian newspapers started reporting about it.

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