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  • minstrel


    I noticed in one of the postings that a book by 'westcott and hort' is an aid to ascertaining original translation of scriptures. Can anyone advise where a copy can be viewed/obtained.

    Can anyone advise me of any available texts that are an aid to understanding the original bible translations. There are many different bible's and it is difficult to know how accurate a particular translation is. I would appreciate advice



  • onacruse

    Hi minstrel, and welcome to the forum

    There are a great number of websites that host 100s of free Bibles, research aids, etc. One that I use is http://www.onlinebible.com If you window through to "total library," at the bottom of the page are listed a number foreign language materials, including the W&H text, with variant readings.


  • observador

    Hi Minstrel,

    this is not exactly a "book". The Watchtower publishes a translation of the Bible called The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures. What they did was they took the original Greek-to-English translation by B.F.Westcott and F.J.A.Hort (1881) and produced the above mentioned Bible containing the greek-to-english word-for-word in a left column and their own rendering on the right side column. This right side column contains the same text as found on their New World Translation.

    The problem is that to get a hold of a copy of that interlinear Bible you have to either write to Betel (a personal visit will also do it ) or place an order through the congregation if you have someone from inside.

    By the way, not very many JWs know of the existence of this Bible by the WTS. It is not widely publicized since studying directly from the greek-to-english text may be very damaging for the WTS doctrinal structure.


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