This is just sad

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  • rocketman

    The crap and rhetoric that comes from these guys is amazing.

  • DJ

    Hey jgnat,

    Haven't talked to y ou for a long time! Hope all is well!

    If the electricity is off in Baghdad then the tv's don't work, so WHO does this guy think that he is controlling? It makes no sense. I think that he is just mentally ill.

  • TR

    Either the Iraqi intel is non-existant or this propoganda minister is incredibly stupid. Or both. Yes, both.


  • SloBoy

    Sounds like a good candiate for a WBTS PR man.

  • onacruse

    In yesterday's Oregonian, a commentary by Leonard Pitts (columnist for the Miami Herald), excerpt:

    But it occurs to me that the flavor of Information Minister...Sahhaf's press briefings is probably best captured by an old Richard Pryor line about a brazen man caught cheating by his wife. The man swears he wasn't cheating at all.

    "Who you going to believe?" he demands. "Me, or your lying eyes?"

    I thought Pitts' comment a little farther down suggested an interesting comparison between Sahhaf and the WTS:

    In Iraq, evidently, people are conditioned to believe a thing because the government tells them to. In Iraq, the obvious and the apparent are secondary to what Saddam and his functionaries say. In Iraq, if you are given a choice between the government and your lying eyes, you'd better curse your lying eyes.

    And the coup de boutoir:

    But thanks to...Sahhaf, there's one thing, right now, that we can say for sure.

    We may not know where the truth is, but we definitely know where it is not.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Of course when the coalition is all through Baghdad, he won't have been lying - it's just that he was slightly imperfect and the light keeps getting brighter.

  • Francois

    I think this guy was the direct predecessor of J.R. Brown. Man, he is one lying MF, ain't he? He's so crooked that when he dies, they're gonna just screw him into the ground.


  • Satanus

    I believe it's the black knight from monty python's holy grail.


  • SYN

    Hmm, this guy probably has JR Brown as an understudy of some sort. Apart from being on opposite sides of the planet, and referring to a different religion, they're identical!

  • Hamas

    He's saying it because he has to. If he doesn't Saddam will kill him.

    Maybe he has no choice. Wouldn't you say these things If it meant staying alive ? And If another hot-shot we're so damn good and mighty country was trying to invade your land and dropping bombs on civilians, you probably would be pretty pissed as well.

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