Look out Dallas and Detroit, HERE COMES THE AVALANCHE!!

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  • Jourles

    Colorado is already up 3-zip in the first period. And as long as Vancouver chokes later on this afternoon AT HOME, Colorado will become the first team in NHL history to win 9 straight divisional titles.

    Any bets on the Stanley Cup this year? Anyone? Anyone?

    My choice: THE AVS

    Here is a pic of game seven of the 2001 Stanley Cup finals. It was the closest I could get to being AT the game minus the several thousand dollar tickets which were being sold. BTW, the St. Louis Cardinals kicked the Rockies asses that night...Everytime the Avs scored, the baseball game stopped due to the fans screaming. And as you can see on the giant TV, each time the Avs scored, they would replay back the point. I think 1-out-of-4 people had mini-tv's watching the hockey game that night at the baseball game.

  • Valis

    J...I haven't followed hockey this year...If I go to a couple games I usually end up watching the whole season...I haven't gotten to so I am way out of the loop. I'm sure we'll give you hell though.... Go Stars!


    District Overbeer

  • SpunkyChick

    As a Denver resident.....GO AVALANCHE! Hoo-ha!


    Aztec is gonna be hoppin' mad.

    She's a dyed in the wool Detroit Red Wing supporter. I know...I get enough ribbing from her when they clobberedmy Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Ugh! AVS - uh-uh - not this year.

    Valis, we gotta get you up here to Toronto for a REAL hockey game, you'll see what I mean .

    Up here, we have ice inside and outside of the arena.

  • Jourles

    One game down. Now LA needs to win.

  • dottie
    Valis, we gotta get you up here to Toronto for a REAL hockey game

    it's just too bad that the Leafs don't play at the Gardens anymore

    Now that would be a "real" hockey game

  • Gopher

    This is just IF the Kings beat the Vancouver Canucks today -- the 3rd seed in the Western Conference will go to the Avalanche.

    Then... don't look past the first round ... too many teams this year have underestimated the danger of playing the MINNESOTA WILD who are the 6th seed in the West this year.

    The Wild will play the 3rd seed -- either the Canucks or the Avalanche, and I think they will pose a real challenge.

    Gopher of the "Loves to watch Marian Gaborik play" class

  • outnfree



  • pr_capone

    Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 W00t!

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Jourles

    Ahem.... Um, Brenda, did you notice who lost their top seed tonight? da [chicken]wings

    I need not mention who won their NINTH STRAIGHT DIVISION TITLE!!

    Bring on those northerners. From what I hear, the Minnesota Wild only get their support from short bus drivin', lemur apostasluts!

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