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  • wednesday

    well, Dallas and surrounding areas have been hit again , just a few minutes go with hail. Last night it was very severe, accompanied by roatating winds. We actually took shelter.

    How did all fare? any damage to cars, houses?

    my car was under carport, but still got minor damage. House seems ok.

    btw, i wonder why i cannot accesss the thread about campaigns.(sp). i noticed spanner can;is he a mod?

  • Valis

    hey weds...you know I heard the blustering and saw the lightening but alas, it skirted around our area without a drop o' rain..

    You have tio get invited to get into the Campaign area...that's so we don't have asshole lurking JW snitches minding our business. Why don't you PM the one who started the thread and see if you can't help in some way?


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  • moreisbetter

    Wednesday, glad you're safe. SW Ft Worth where i am hardly had rain had all. right now, the sun comes and goes.

    texas, ya never know!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Murphy got hit pretty hard. Our car got dinged by the hail big time. The hail we got was marble sized and we got a lot. In fact there was so much, we had two piles of ice in the back yard still around this morning. We lost satellite reception on our TV, so we didn't know what was going on until Jesika called to tell us what was on the way. Dexter, our basset hound, was so scared he sat on his bed shivering; but he's not the bravest dog around.

  • wednesday

    It passed very quickly just now, but, last night was incredible. the hail was over golf ball size, and it seems the northeren area got hit the worse.Carrollton, Frisco, Lewisville, Richardson,etc. The hail and wind was so bad lat night, well the hail sounded like gun shots when it hit the house. We are very grateful no glass damage was done.

    Glad u a ok valis, wanted to check in with all the dallas area people. Big tex is out in the area where the storn was last night. hope all is ok.


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  • wednesday

    Tex, More,

    glad all are ok. yes the hail was huge, and it looked like it had snowed. We actually got golf ball size. Wow and it's April too. Also there was tornado threat, wth rotating winds everwhere.

    a few minutew go it just started hailing with the sun shining and got bad for about 10 minutes and then blew on through. Wonder if we have any more headed this way.

    assuming jess is ok. doesn't sixof nine live in Lewisville?

    I have lived here a very long time,and have rarely seen hail this bad. but it is texas, and anything can happened.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Yeah Jes and Alex are okay. No damage in Carrollton.


    I keep forgetting, that hail, and sleet are NOT the same, and develop under very different circumstances.

    Folks: I'm glad to read that my Texas counterparts are fine. It just occured to me, that this time of year is tornado season.

    We get them up here, but things don't start happening until late May early June. They are rarely as powerful as down south, but we've had some nasty ones, albeit once every 10 years.

    We had beautiful spring weather here for almost 2 - 3 weeks. Then....sleet, ice which has left a thick crust on the frozen precipitation below it. It's annoying, and makes me angry, as spring is supposed to be here: NOW

    It looks like January outside, and it's more than I can bear. Mouthy I'm sure can tell you, it's such an overnight contrast to what we were experiencing only 1 week ago.

    I'd rather be in Dallas, drinking beer with Valis and talking about bats.

  • wednesday

    Hi razor,

    all i quiet now, but we certaily had some excitment last night. yes it is tornado season, and with the hail came circular winds, indicating possible tornados. It can be scary her during tornado season.

    I have seen the weather reports of other areas, and wow , winter again.

    the weather has seemed off this year, or everyone.

  • cruzanheart

    And Jackson slept through the whole thing. Dexter sheds when he's stressed, and he's getting rid of his winter coat anyway, so fur was flying in clumps last night. I had to put Ladybug on my lap (well, parts of her -- most of her hangs off now, she's so long), and she was just shaking at all the noise. She ventured out on the back porch a couple of times because she wanted to go potty, but thought better of it and decided she could hold it for a while and scooted inside. It was kind of cool but did put dings in the two cars we had to leave outside. Thanks again, Jesika, for calling to warn us!


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