London murder rate overtakes New York for first time ever after spate of fatal stabbings and shootings

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  • freemindfade

    April fools?

    While London remains substantially the safer city overall, with less than half the homicides of New York last year, according to a new report a recent spike in knife crime meant February was the first month the UK capital was home to more murders than the US city.
    London has endured a significant increase in knife crime, with 15 dying in February, nine of whom were aged 30 or younger. Meanwhile 14 were killed in the Big Apple.
  • _Morpheus

    More needs to be done to ban assualt knives! I will never understand euros and their love affair with knives. Sickening.

  • cofty

    Black boys with absent fathers killing other black boys with absent fathers.

  • Simon

    London's mayor will tell us shortly that it's all normal and should just be accepted.

    Or we could deport the animals that behave like this and not let them in. Now there's an idea - we could call it "the barrier" - a form of 'border' if you will.

    Reminder: The left loves crime and disorder and it happens in every country where the globalists get in and are allowed free reign to import more people who don't respect the values of the host country and don't want that kind of country - they bring their troubles with them as Wakandans would say. Fight it every chance you get or your future is a country descending into a shithole and it starts with increases in violence.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Ah, feel the diversity.

  • sparrowdown

    Multi-culturalism is a failed experiment worldwide. Can we call time on it already? Not likely.

  • ctrwtf

    Ya those dirty leftists have got NYC into a real crime wave.

    Violent crime in New York City has been dropping since the mid-1990s[1] and, as of 2017, is the lowest of any major city in the United States. In 2017, there were 290 homicides, the lowest number since the 1940s.[2]

  • Simon

    New York isn't typically the destination for illegal immigrants in the US, they have the benefit of favourable geography and a huge ocean barrier. It can also be demographics in other ways - if poorer / criminally inclined move elsewhere (are driven / priced out) then the stats look better (which is what we should do with any immigrants bringing crime to our cities)

    Also, like most leftist run cities, the answer to solving crime is often not to count it (problem solved!) and there are many that dispute the stats:

    Finally, if it is safer, how much of that is down to clamping down on criminals through targeted stop and search? It would almost be as if it worked but tut tut, we can't admit that can we?!

  • ctrwtf

    The Washington Times bias rating is leans right. The Washington Times has the slogan “America’s Newspaper” and targets center-right conservatives, even defining itself as a conservative news outlet. The newspaper was created by Sun Myung Moon to conservatively fight communism, and also to stand as another, more conservative option to The Washington Post, which he claimed had a liberal bias. Because the newspaper is conservative, the AllSides Bias Rating™ for The Washington Times leans right. As of April 2017, a vast majority of the 14,000 AllSides users who voted agree with the lean right ranking. This number is consistent with the July 2016 results in which a large majority had also agreed.

    Show me your bias and I'll show you mine.

    Stop and frisk was eliminated by the current very left leaning DiBlasio administration years ago.

    NYC is the quintessential home for immigration even though it is surrounded by oceans.

    Ever heard of Ellis Island? My Great Grandmother came to this country through there in 1904. If illegals are as smart and nefarious as you all seem to think, I would conclude that they can get to NYC if they wanted, geography not withstanding.

  • Simon

    Ah, the old leftist stalwart when faced with inconvenient facts - try to discredit the messenger. Sorry pal, no one cares anymore. The mainstream media is so blatantly leftist and biased that some balance is needed and you can't just dismiss things because your own biased news won't report reality.

    Yes, stop-and-frisk has only recently been abolished - it appears to have had an affect on the crime rate though.

    Another leftist trick is what you're doing by trying to lump all 'immigrants' in as one. The left do it with crime stats claiming that immigrants are more law abiding. They are, well, the lawful ones - they tend not to be the stabby-stabby ones. The illegal immigrants are criminal and are the ones who bring the high crime rates and total disrespect for the laws of the land.

    It will take a few years for the problems to build up in a big city like NYC but if enough illegal immigrants go there then crime will rise just as surely as the sun rises in the east. The reason the rate suddenly jumps is that the leftist governed solution to this crime is to not count it while screaming nazi anytime a white person litters. At some point, they become unable to hide reality and the truth comes out. Then they will claim that people are being racist against the illegal immigrants committing it.

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