How Do The French Feel About Us?

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  • qwerty

    I said earlier

    I think the French don't like Americans because they are jealous!...........Sounds Childish I know.

    Thinking about it, I should at least get to know some French people first!........


  • Maverick

    My family, both sides are french, have lived in America for two generations. None were ever in a hurry to go back! My daughter was in Paris for a while, she loved the food but not the petty, rude behavoir of the locals. She enjoyed the rich culture but found the people smelly and Paris dirty. They are entitled to feel anyway they want. We are entitled not to visit their country and spend our money there. And give them no aid or support. Americans in general don't care what they think and they can do little to hurt us. If all trade stopped between the two nations I think the US would do fine. Let one of those French Exoset missile take out one of our Warships in the Gulf and then you would see some pissed off Americans. It is never a good idea to anger 300 million of the wealthiest and most arrogant people on earth! Look at Afghanistan. And if the US turns it's attention to France they will suffer and in the end hate us even more. As stated on an earlier post, it is a love/hate relationship. Maverick

  • avishai
    They dislike the idea of infereir products , foods ,films and such things taking over from the higher quality than is readily available in their own country.Unlike Britian there are far fewer chain stores , fast food outlets and such things.They see these (rightly in my mind) as a dumbing down of society and see America as the biggest offender in this regard.

    So how do you explain thier love of Jerry Lewis?

  • funkyderek

    The people of France are for the most part, friendly and hospitable. They don't smell and they're not petty or rude.

    The reason they (seem to) hate Americans is because Americans arrive in their country and complain that it's not America. People actually fly all the way from America to stay in Disneyland Paris! It's that kind of dumb, fat "Big Mac and Coke" American that they hate and while, to some extent, it's as much of a stereotype as the smelly, rude Frenchman the invasion of noisy, intrusive American tourists who won't even attempt to speak a word of French and get annoyed that the McNuggets there don't taste as good, really pisses the locals off. That's true of people everywhere, not only in France.

  • plmkrzy

    yah!! and if that isn't bad enough, they spend $900.00 for a pair of shoes, and $1,200.00 for a stupid purse before they go home. Damn American torrists!

  • chasson

    Well, there are a long time that i have not post here.

    I am scandalised by what some stupid guy have made on an english's cimetery, here in France.

    I am only surprised that a lot of people here think that it was "The French" who have made that, or if they don't think that, that it could be an example of what the french thinks about american, english, etc..

    The only thing that i could say about what 70% of french are thinking (not 100%), is that they think that an international war must be planified by a lot of countries and not only two. This is why the UN has been builded after the second war. I can say that the majority in France don't support the tyranic Sadam Hussein, but a war against him should be made on the international right.

    I am sure that people who are supporter of the war, think that they are not against Iraqis but they are against Sadam Hussein and his followers. Why would you think that it is different for 70% of french. They are not against americans or englishs, australians, they are against a war they have not understand. Have we found chimic's weapons in Iraq ? Have we found Al Qaida's links with Sadam Hussein ? Why have we not destroyed Sadam in 1991 ? This is the kind of question that i always understand, a war is something very important and this question should be answered before the war. Nobody has answered to this question.

    Another point, you are always agree with your friends, with your husband or your wife ? So if we are agree in a lot of thinks, because the french's government is not agree with Mister Bush in this case, you think that we are not friend of american, english, etc...



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