When You Were A Witness, Did You Ever Want To Go To Heaven?

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  • kilroy2

    No I like sex to much, and we all know the angles aint getin none!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mulan

    I never had the desire to go to heaven and I still don't. I guess someday we will know .........or not.

    This life may be all there is...............but I hope not.

  • Tessie

    That was one of the things that attracted me to the studies. I never did get baptised but came close. I believe the
    bible's promise of every man building his
    own home and that whole concept. I liked so many things, no collections, no fancy
    set up, members particpation, Kids going to services with parents, no dating except
    when serious, no trinity---well many things. But going to heaven was something I never understood or wanted to do. I got
    stopped on the people in New York having
    a direct line to God AND by comparing bibles (theirs and King James) really DOES show changes in theirs where they say it's
    the same. It's NOT.

  • minimus

    .....Welcome Tessie!!!!!! Hope to hear more from you!

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    as a JW, I never thought of going to heaven. I really did believe that I was going to live forever on a paradise earth. I resent that teaching to this day.

  • Xena

    a resurection for an old thread of yours huh mini?

    I never had the desire to go to heaven...then or now....but I did kinda yen to rule over everyone else...

  • Mulan

    No. I never understood that desire, even by people of other religions who talked of heaven all the time. I always thought it was because I loved the earth and it was my home already, so why leave?

  • Satanus

    Yah, i did.

    SS spiritual nerd class

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