Cults & mind control -What is the best book you've read on these subjects?

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    Thanks Ginny,

    People do not knowingly join "cults" that will ultimately destroy and kill them. People join self-help groups, churches, political movements, college campus dinner socials, and the like, in an effort to be part of something larger than themselves. It is mostly the innocent and naive who find themselves entrapped. In their openhearted endeavor to find meaning in their lives, they walk blindly into the promise of ultimate answers and a higher purpose. It is usually only gradually that a group turns into or reveals itself as a cult, becomes malignant, but by then it is often too late.

    I think this is one of the primary reasons that people (not young children) come into a group. "self-help groups, churches, political movements, college campus dinner socials.

    College Campus dinner dinner socials is the primary contact for Church of Christ Cult - according to some x's.

    When family and friends are used as a weapon in order to force us to stay in an organization, something has gone terribly wrong.

    If I, as a young woman, had had someone explain to me what cults are and how indoctrination works, my story might not have been the same.

    This would be the primary reason for these types of books, these forums, the news reports, etc. Perhaps someone will read BEFORE they join......not after they give up so much to escape.

    Hope all's going well for you & your family? Good - I knew it would.


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    refiners fire

    tape excerpt:

    "Jones...."(Clears throat) Does anyone know a Fannie Wilson, (Pause) Louisiana? (Pause) Hmm?

    Jones: Stand up. You're a stranger to me, and I wish to speak something, (unintelligible word) had some help. (Pause) Rosie? I don't know you.

    Rosie: (Unintelligible word)

    Jones: I don't know you personally, do I?

    Rosie: No sir.

    Jones: You're from Chatham Chatham, Louisiana.

    Rosie: That's right.

    Jones: Country there. You're a Methodist.

    Rosie: Yes sir.

    Jones: I don't know you, but yet I do know you. Because I'm back in my office. I'm in the office of the only God there is. (Low, unintelligible evocation). Who is Fannie to you?

    Rosie: My sister-in-law.

    Jones: I see. Ardiss is your

    Rosie: Brother

    Jones: brother

    Rosie: Yes, sir.

    Jones: You've got a problem of blood pressure and sugar, just like your sister-in-law has a problem with sugar. Your sister-in-law's been in the hospitalsome year ago, I ta I think. Her doctor is Dr. Robinson.

    Rosie: That's right!

    Jones: I've never been to Louisiana in my life.

    Rosie: (Laughs)

    Jones: Well, it's sure enough, I'm going to stop the blood pressure and the diabetes that would've cause you to have a stroke. The pressure you've had in your head, that would've caused you to have a stroke, I'm gonna take it away, right now, because I care.

    Rosie: Thank thank you.

    Slapping sound

    Jones: It's gone.

    Congregation: Wild Applause..."

    Know how he did it?? He used to have people break and enter into the houses of new recruits and read personal documents and letters to get information he could "see" in his revelations.

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    thanks for the links rf, I'll check those out.

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