Ground Zero

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  • Simon

    Isn't having armed patrols around the crater a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted? What do they think they are going to do? Blow the crater up ...

    I can imagine it's a sobering place to visit, especially for people who had visited the towers previously.

  • Prisca

    I'm just speculating here, but maybe the reason for the heightened security at Ground Zero is due to it now being an emotionally important part of America? A suicide bomber might regard the site as being a new target - how much more emotional trauma would it bring against America to have another disaster at the Ground Zero site?

    Other landmarks have heightened security as a result of the war, so I don't doubt that GZ would also be regarded as having the same need.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Amazing: What crossing did you use to get into Manhattan? GW Bridge, Holland/Lincoln Tunnel?

    Just curious because I grew up in that area.


  • DIM

    I went to NYC right before I moved out west to Seattle.....everything felt the same (we usually took the train from Trenton, NJ to Penn Station) until the skyline of NYC was visible......just seemed very eerie to not see the twin towers. Ground Zero was a very sobering experience, but the sad part was that you could still see some vendors selling pieces of the rubble. Sick.

  • Amazing

    Hi Simon: The soldiers are there because of concern that more suicide-homicide bombers might attempt more collateral damage to adjacent buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc. Also the Ground Zero site has a large amount of construction set-up to deal with the retaining wall holding back Hudson river water (the site is built on land-fill. It also appears to be the center of repair crews for near-by buildings. A suicide bomber could try and attack this area and kill many who are set up in the crater. I am not sure just how the soldiers could stop any of this risk - but their presense is designed to discourage any harm ... and I believe that they are trained to spot trouble and deal with it before the police can.

    Hi El Kabong: I went in through the Holland Tunnel. Radio news strongly discouraged using the Lincoln Tunnel. Also, I drove in from the south-central NJ Turnpike and the Holland was the natural choice. My first time in New York I drove in from northern Pennsylvania, and took the bridge at the north end of Manhattan over to the Bronx. The check-point where I was questioned was at the Brooklyn Tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn. I went into the tunnel by mistake and when I stopped to pay the toll, I asked for directions back to Manhattan. That is when the toll worker called over the police and the soldiers took position behind my car.

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