Important Question about Bible Examiner Vol. XXI No. 1 (whole No. 313), October 1876, pages 27, 28

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  • Lala

    It’s very true that those early Christians believed that the end would come in 1914. Yes Russel did too, the calculation of Daniels phrophecy pointed to the year 1914 as the year when Jesus raised up the Davianic kingdom and started ruling from heaven. Meaning Jesus’ kingdom marked the beginning of the last days.

    Even when Daniel penned down his phrophecies insight was not given to him on understanding all of their meaning. As the meaning on some phrophecies was only to be revealed at the time of the end. Daniel 12:4

    Jesus’ parable in Mathew 13, shows how Jesus would allow false religion to grow with true religion until harvest time at the end where a separation would take place. Yes the light on information keeps getting brighter as the end draws closer. That’s how Jehovah wants it

  • vienne

    Smid, that's not Russell's teaching on 1914. He believed a time of anarchy would follow the end of gentile times and that eventually nations would submit to God's kingdom as represented by a reestablished Jewish kingdom. Russell did not believe in a world ending event either. Nor did he believe in an Armageddon similar to what Witnesses believe. Current Witness doctrine developed in 1929.

    The vignette on the front of the Golden Age from the mid to late 1920s shows the Russell view. In the illustration capital and labour face of while God's earthly kingdom prospers. See page 90 in Time is at Hand. [1915 edition].

  • zeb

    As you are interested in this dates. years thing read "The Gentile Times Revisited" x Jonsson.

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