Bowling for Columbine

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  • happysunshine

    One more post-

    Ironically, in retrospect I feel like Moore might have been guilty of one of the media 'sins': pumping people with fear by not giving them all the available info. Haveing said that, I am moved by the majority of the film, and would recommend it to anyone. The part I found most important/familiar was the highlightng of media-led pumping people with fear and distrust of neighbor. This makes people depressed and live on a hair-trigger. This reminded me of the WTS life. Was the WTS born from such a climate of mass fear-mongering? It certainly survives on it now. I remember being delighted at the worst headlines on the news, because I knew I could spring it on people Saturday mornings.

  • happysunshine

    I feel like I'm writing a book here! Sorry, one more comment!

    The 'bad' parts of this 'shocumentry'- namely getting an emotional reaction from people based on limited information- can lead to hateing people and violence also. This is what scares me about protests now. I feel like I've done a lot of research on The War, and I still don't know the answer or the whole story. I see others- with very cursory info- get into a fist-fight supporting one side or another. Is this too based on "pumping people with fear"? Is this from media sources? -J

  • dedalus
    The producer is a well-known left wing nut and WANTS to smear the NRA with the KKK

    said the well-know right wing nut, whose political posts on this forum are funny, pithy, clever ad hominems, without all the bother of substance.


  • og

    Michael Moore is as provocative and controversial as right wing media darlings such as O'Reilly and Rush, while being considerably funnier, more intelligent, and more often truthful. I won't argue that he never distorts, but I will argue that average right wing rhetoric is a whole lot worse.

    I for one am glad that Michale Moore is out there, providing balance to the right wingers being allowed to scream, rant and bully to national audiences.

  • Jayson

    My God...

    Suckers are born every minute.

  • LDH
    If the passengers had included black men, he claimed, those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes, who as we all know take no disrespect from anybody . .

    LOL! ~~ Do the words "Let's Roll" ring a bell with anybody? Wudn't he a white guy?

    I would say that there may be some distorted truth to that, but only if the so-called 'black guy' were a former/present athlete, not a milque-toast nerd.

    I believe there are pretty much two type of men: Athletic vs Brainiac (with some crossover). ANY man, white or black or otherwise, with formal athletic training would be far less willing to tolerate a hijack attempt than say, Warren Buffett. It may just be that black men are far more likely to receive athletic training than academic training in this country.

    Hmmm.....Warren Sapp vs. Warren Buffett. Who would you rather have on your plane, LOL? I'll take the Big Black Dude any day.

    Wasn't it a black former Pro-NBA athlete who put the smack down on Richard Reid?


    Taken out of context Class


    Geez...I am just re-reading this entire post again. we folks here in Toronto lock our doors? Yes/No

    When I'm not at home: I lock my door.

    If I am at home, I leave my door either locked/unlocked.

    Haven't checked doors personally myself to see if this was so, but I know Michael Moore sampled quite a few doors (more than a J-dub I'll bet) in the Annex area of Toronto.

    As for MM saying folks 'should fear black men': hold on.....that's NOT what he said/indicated.

    Just go see the movie, even if you hate his guts. Then the comments re: black men/African Americans, will be much clearer. See the movie.

    Yes, he's an NRA card carrying member. See the movie.

    If I read a review of a movie and used it to form an opinion of a movie: I'd probably never go see one. I like to read them, then go see the one I wanted to see anyways, and be either surprised, disappointed or bored to tears.

    Saw a pathetic pile of crap not too long ago: Gods, Gambling & LSD

    You can go see it, but I will recommend bringing a pillow and hallucinogenics, because IMHO, it sucked BAD!!!! (Got plenty of great reviews)

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