An Apology

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  • Satanus

    I wish to apologise to some guys, and especially to the women who have extended friendship, which i did not continue. I feel uncomfortable w closeness. When it is a loose friendship, it's ok. But i fell uncomfortable w anybody getting too close. Heck, i sometimes tell my cat to #()<+ off. I don't know why this is. But i'm working on finding out.

    SS laying down the cards

  • Brummie

    This should be an interesting thread, maybe this is due to the JW loss thing, I feel exactly the same as you, I'm ok on boards such as this but feel I hold a lot of people at arms length in day to day life. Avoid invites to meet new people all the time.


  • myself

    SS, I don't think this is uncommon among xjw's. We were taught conditional love, that included friends and even worse - our own family. We were taught to distrust people because they may sway our faith in their organization, ok they said in God, but we know what they are really afraid of. It is easier to not get too involved in friendships then to get hurt.

  • gumby


    I am so sorry to hear this because I was planning on sending you a note in your message box and was going to get your address and pay you a visit you rude bastard!

    Hey my friend....I get the SAME way. I don't like it when the spotlight shines on me in that way usually. I have learned to be more careful with whom I get chummy with with as I am a dam magnet for ............"different folks"........ loving and good people but....."different folks".

    It's either that or you simply don't want to be "tied to anymore "stuff" at the have enough on your enjoy your freedom you haven't had in awhile.

    Now....I hope the hell one of the things I can relate to.

    Heads up bud......your a good dude.

  • cruzanheart

    Group hug!!!! Love you guys.



    Hey SS, I like my privacy too..I got plenty of it way up here..When I want to socialise I turn on my computer and come here..When I`m done,I turn the computer off and I`m back in the Canadian wilderness..I think it`s a way of healing for those who have had some serious damage in their life...OUTLAW

  • joannadandy

    Hey SS, don't feel bad, I tell my plants to #@!$ off.

    I am not really great when it comes to getting close to people either, it takes me a long time, or much boozage...Don't feel too bad, I am sure like others have said, there are lots of us loner types who need our freedom. Be it personality, or JW issues is unimportant...I am sure the people you are appologizing too will appreciate hearing you say this, but if they are good friends, they probably already know anyway!

  • Robdar

    Edited to say SS you have a private message.


  • Satanus


    I am a dam magnet for ............"different folks"........ loving and good people but....."different folks".

    Interesting. Me too. Maybe there is a message there.


  • SheilaM

    SS: Oh I understand ask Robdar LOL I am still very gun shy and probably always will be I have just been so betrayed that it's hard. AND I guess I owe the board the same apology I try really hard but I tend to walk away first it hurts less

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