JW Woman Refuses Blood and Dies

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  • Kenneson

    Patience Edema, a 24 year old Nigerian Jehovah's Witness of Grange Park Road, Leyton, died at Whipps Cross Hospital from complications resulting in refusing a blood transfusion after recently undergoing a hysterectomy to remove her womb.


    Scroll down to "Woman bled to death."

  • Jourles

    Before the emergency hysterectomy was carried out, the couple were advised by doctors that a blood transfusion would be necessary and could make the difference between life and death.

    However, they both said no and a form was filled out to say no blood products were to be used during treatment because of their religious faith.

    After the surgery Mrs Edema was placed on a dialysis and a life support machine in the intensive care unit, where she died on the Thursday at 12.40am.

    In a statement recalling the events that led up to his wife's death, Mr Edema said: "I am now left alone on a strange terrain to cater for my two daughters as a single parent. All my wife's ambitions and inspirations have been nipped in the bud. Can my life be the same again?"

    What constitutes NO BLOOD PRODUCTS, Watchtower Society? Bovine based hemoglobin? Nah, that isn't a product of blood whatsoever.

    Yet another etch mark on the Watchtower Wall of Martyrdom. What a waste of human life.

  • ScoobySnax

    No, someone else sad though it is has died for her faith. You can discredit her in life, but don't discredit her in death. How do you feel about those who face and loose their lives in Iraq? They die for their country/president. prime-minister in what they believe to be right. She chose to give her life to Jehovah in what she felt to be right, don't give her any less respect. Have some decency.

  • DanTheMan


    You say you've read Franz's books. What did you think of the chapter on Blood from In Search of Christian Freedom?

    Let's discuss the Watchtower's blood doctrine. I'll wait for you to start the thread.

  • blondie

    There are several barriers in using hemoglobin-based products like Hemopure. They are still experimental and not approved by the FDA. Thus health insurance companies do not cover the cost which must be borne by the individual. Then, few HLC members let alone the rank and file are aware of the products and that they can be used by JWs whose individual conscience permits it. And even if you are aware as a JW of the product and want to use it, the FDA must approve it on a case by case basis.


  • gumby
    Before the emergency hysterectomy was carried out, the couple were advised by doctors that a blood transfusion would be necessary and could make the difference between life and death

    I remember a watchtower article that was on being bloodguilty. The article mentioned if we knew we had bad brakes and we had an accident and some in the car were killed........you could be bloodguilty before Jehovah. Those at headquarters (many of them ) know that this policy is faulty, yet continue to advocate it. Are they any less bloodguilty.


    It's those who make and stand behind these doctrines that people here are mad at.....not the braindead dub who knows no different.


  • Jourles

    I should have been more specific in my last post. My question was more of a hypothetical one directed towards the WTS in that they teach their followers that we do not take ANY blood products. But we all know that is not the case. Even my own mother tells me straight out that the Society does not allow any blood products to be transfused. But when I then ask her where albumin, hemoglobin, immunoglobins, etc. come from, she tries to say those are not "blood" products. You can see how there is no reasoning ability present with most witnesses.

    Blondie, I know that all of the hemoglobin based substitutes are experimental right now and it requires FDA approval here in the US for "compassionate use" cases. But my point was, even here in the US, the HLC will tell the dying witness and their family that it is OK for them to accept this "non-blood" substitute, even though it is obviously clear that any sort of hemoglobin substitute comes from blood, be it human or bovine based. It's just that the average witness knows nothing about what they can and cannot take. Even the elder which is assigned to me right now had no clue whatsoever about the different alternatives we can accept. After our last visit, the outcome was for me to write the Society with all of my questions as he could not answer ANY of them.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Jourles,

    The albumin comes from "Egg Beaters" (US egg substitute) doesn't it? ...and don't the other "-globins" come from a chocolate bars or sumthin?

    I find it astonishing that the WTS would permit "some brothers" on the HLC to have such incomplete knowledge of the "light" that streams forth like urine from the bladder of the Faithful and Discreet Slave.

    Did you get an answer to your letter yet from the WTS? Do you think you will get an answer before Armageddon? It's due any day now, you know.

    Gumby's statement about bloodguilt is precisely correct - the WTS chariot of dogma has no brakes, and ALL of it's passengers are in peril.

  • stichione

    Another needless death placed on the sacrificial altar of the Watchtower Society.

  • cornish

    Most JWs do not understand the Borgs blood policy because it has been fudged so much,it is sad that becuase of the confusion that the refuse even permissible WT blood products not realising so.

    It is ironic and sad that they knock on doors proclaiming a policy they dont even grasp.

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