Would you be able to kill?

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  • JH
    How about you, JH?

    I remember so well, and so do you what is written in the bible about killing. "Thou shall not kill", said Jesus. That's what we learned at the KH.

    But how often does the bible talk about wars and God knowing that his people would be killed, and he did nothing. He even gave orders to kill. He is a God of wars. The God of the O.T. is a warrior.

    Then Jesus came and changed all things around, saying you heard this, but I say do this... bla bla bla...

    Killing from a distance, where you can't see the pain inflicted, is easy. They use words like targets hit.

    Looking at someone in the eyes, I would not kill. He is like me. I wouldn't want to be killed neither.

    I am very gentle by nature, and I wouldn't kill. I would disable the person instead.

    I guess they wouldn't be as kind to me.

  • blondie

    Actually, we don't know until we are in the situation unless we train and practice mentally. I doubt anyone could stand by and watch their child or spouse attacked with deadly intent without trying to stop it, if possible without killing the attacker. I have had self-defense training over the years and I keep my skills current, and I am not talking about karate and such. In my area it is called, Chimera, and it is designed for women to know what choices they have when attacked.


  • freedom96

    If myself or my family was in a situation where our lives were in danger, and it was between me and the potential killer, I would do whatever it took to save our lives.

    Big difference in war, though, between killing the enemy, and flat out murder. Not even close to being the same.

    I do think that many people come back from war, very changed. Going out and doing what they have to do has to take a toll on some of them.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think it is interesting that people think they have some hidden instinct that would enable them to defend themselves or someone they hold dear - turn them into some kind of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, maybe. The facts - taken from military training specialists, self-protection experts, and the news - indicate that this is a false hope.

    In our civilized society, people are constantly programmed to be "nice", and when they are faced with unexpected sudden violence they freeze.

    A gunman comes into a McDonald's and orders everyone to get on the floor, and they all comply. He walks around shooting them. Nobody resists.

    The Zodiac Killer of Califonia surprised a couple in the park. He told them he wa going to rob them, but he had to tie them up first. THEY LET HIM TIE THEM UP, whereupon he produced a knife and stabbed them both to death.

    Violent criminals know how the average person will respond and capitalize upon it. Violent criminals don't spend hours in a dojo practicing flying kicks at "break apart" boards and hip throws onto soft tatami mats. In many cases their "techniques" are downright crude - but they are effective because the violent criminal has no hesitation about going all out to get what he wants.

    Years ago in Seattle, the chief instructor of the "Feminist Karate Union" was brutally assaulted in her home by a thief who didn't know who she was. Her defese skills kept her from being murdered, but she was seriouly wounded and the guy got away - he was apprehended sometime later by the cops if I recall correctly. I think that she was impeded by her politics - the Feminist Karate Union did not alow men to join, and so she had no experience dealing with a man's strength and weight. Add to that that she was practicing archaic defense techniques that have not stood the test of time.

    The military has a saying - "the way you train is the way you fight."

    The uninformed public ignores this at their peril, and generally confuses the ability to inflict violence with the desire to inflict violence.

    The meek inherit six feet of earth over their faces.

  • COMF
    The meek inherit six feet of earth over their faces.

    Depends on how you define "meek".

    I have no interest in violence. Some of the people I grew up with considered it almost a recreation... weekend drunken brawls for the sheer fun of it. I was not among them.

    I also do not respond well to poorly explained causes propounded by spin doctors appealing to vague concepts which have no connection with the intended action--such as aggression in the name of "freedom"--and so would make a poor soldier.

    However, as soon as I perceive a genuine threat to me or anyone I hold dear, the lives of those doing the threatening are in jeopardy. I don't have any compunction about killing someone under those circumstances. And, since I'm not a lover of violence, my interest is in having it be over as quickly and cleanly as possible. Not good news for those who would make me or mine the victims.

  • Mulan
    Being the kind, gentle creature that I am, No, I would not be able to go to war and kill others. It goes against everything that I am.

    That is what Scully said. I feel the same way.

    But, also, if someone threatened me or one of my family, I think I would do all it took to stop them.

    War.............no. Couldn't do it.


    I sure hope that any conflict or confrontation would not lead to another ones demise at my own hands.

    But, if I was threatened or my family etc., I would do whatever I could to protect them as well as myself.

    I would rather maim than kill, as I'm sure that'd get the point across: "HANDS OFF!"

    But negotiations, can and have been useful. No, it doesn't work in every case...I know, I know.

  • SheilaM

    No I don't believe I could but if my family were being threatened I believe I could I guess if I saw someone harning soemone or a child I could probably do some serious damage too

  • Mary

    Are you kidding? You know that saying: "..The only reason some people are alive is because it's illegal to kill them..."

    There are definitely a few people I could shoot and it wouldn't bother me at all: my sister's ex-boyfriend who used to beat her up and abuse her mentally, emotionally and physically............Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmoka (Canadians will know who these pigs are), Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and my old boyfriend's boss..........

  • shera

    When it comes to my famliy and children,yes I could kill.(sad to say.....)

    In war,I don't think I could.Too many innocent people die and if I ever hurt a child.I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

    Imagine what these men and woman go threw,knowing they killed innocent people.

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