Being Devout

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    Hey ScoobySnax, it had to happen eventually,LOL!..I was raised a dub kid..An elders brat to be precise..Dub world is a world I grew up in,and know very well..I`m sure there will be many more things we agree on,and some we may not,LOL!..Have a good day Scott.....OUTLAW

  • ScoobySnax

    Hey OUTLAW....... Lets just savour this moment whilst it lasts though eh? Ha! .......right now, just you listen here......LOL

    Soon matey. (and have a good evening, till next time!!) SCOOBYSNAX (in BIG letters!!)

  • Francois

    Some of the most devout of people are the newly converted. Seen it many times, especially when we had a newly converted one in our car group and we went about our usual field service techniques. She was horrified. It was a hoot.

    People who have just given up smoking are also really devout. So devout, in fact, that I'd like to punch some of 'em in the snoot.


  • JH
    ....I too find "devout" a strange word when referring to dubs.

    I agree that the dubs use the word zealous and not devout. I used that word, because it crossed my mind. I guess that being zealous is a stupid blind way of pushing forward without thinking, pushing in any direction, while devout would be doing things with love, and wanting to please.

  • happy man
    happy man

    as a ongoing JW I can say that this days when this war is on topp news,many JW are increse ther work thinking perhpas this is the start o something bigg.

    So from my point of weiu, the work still going on, and this month will be new reckords

  • larc

    HappyMan, I like you and I appreciate your sincerity. I, however, am 62 yeares old. My father and my uncle came back from World War Two. Then, we had the Korean conflict. Then some people I knew in high school died in Vietnam. This present war is nothing new and none of the wars I mentioned are a prediction of the end of the world. If the jW's are more active, it only means that they are acting out of fear, not love. That is how they behaved in 1975, when they thought their ass was grass if they did not get in line.

  • Nordic

    Hi Happy man

    I like the word: weiu

    How do you do it



    I guess to say, that probably most of the young people, if they are attending the meetings/assemblies etc., then you could say they are at least: believers, active (to whatever extent).

    But there's something to say for the newly converted, as they tend to be 'over zealous', 'devout' because for them, everything is so new, and they are doing an almost complete about face turn from their former religion or lifestyle. (aren't they in for a surprise though?)

    Something tells me, that if I went back for a visit (KH), I'd probably see similar behaviour with the youths. And as I touched on, if they are attending meetings/service/assemblies, I think to some extent, that speaks for itself.

  • Brummie

    IF they are devout (zealous = loyal to the org) they are devout to organisational policies, this swing from Bible to policies began happening through the 80s & 90s, seems to me, before that the younger ones used to quote Bible all the time and feel they were closer to God, now the majority only know what is allowed and what isnt allowed when it comes to policies and rules put out by the Borg. The devotion to "spiritual" things has been replaced by devotion to "earthly" rules and regulations, such is the product of a cult.


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