Why 3?

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  • benext

    While in Hawaii a few years ago I happened to stumble upon that KH and walked in. They were concluding a meeting for FS and told me that was the first Hall built there. It's not far from a huge mall.

  • NeonMadman

    I once heard a CO compare the 5 meetings to the "five smooth stones" that David took with him when he faced Goliath. Just as David didn't know in advance which stone would actually kill Goliath, we don't know which meeting might contain a vital piece of information that we need.

  • Soledad

    oh how pathetic that CO's comment

  • Francois

    Yeah, once again THEY decide how their membership must live their lives. No independent thinking allowed. I am reminded about the debate as to whether or not it was proper for Christains to concern themselves about eating meat sacrificed to an idol. I seem to remember the upshot was that it was up to each individual's conscience.

    But then JWs are a high-control religious cult. Early Christians did not groan under such a load as is placed upon them by a group of senile octogenarians in Brooklyn.

    I say I wish there WAS a hell so that the GB could be assigned to the hottest spot.


  • simplesally

    When you have 2 weeknights, a Satuday of field service, a 2 hour meeting on Sunday (and don't forget good witnesses come 20 minutes before the meeting and stay 20 minutes afterwards),,,,,,,,,,,,well then you have more than enough free time to be on your own the rest of the week.

    But oh no, on those nights, you are supposed to have a night for a Family Study. You are supposed to prepare for meetings. You are supposed to do personal study and research for the meetings. And don't forget, you might also be conducting a Bible study with someone you met in the field!

    This leaves no time, or very little time, for sports, relaxation, regular exercise, tv or the movies. I think that's their plan.

  • shera

    I recall because ,there being 3 meetings a week and study time at home,to keep the spiritual food comming in and not allowing "evil" and worldly thoughts to enter our minds....lol

    Mind control or what!

  • Pleasuredome

    just think that while you aint doing what you want to do whcih might cost money, you've got spare cash to give to the WTS! Yipee!

  • blondie

    History of the Weekly Meetings

    Before 1922, it seems only 2 meetings were in place: the (Congregation Book Study) Dawn Circles and the Cottage Meetings (later changed to Service Meeting).

    After 1922, the Watch Tower study was added, for a total of 3 meetings.

    In 1945 the Theocratic Ministry School and Public Talk were added for a total of 5 meetings.

    I’m a little hazy about the meetings before 1922.

    1895--Congregation Book Study--"Dawn Circles"

    After some of the volumes of Millennial Dawn had been published, these began to be used as a basis for study. In 1895 the study groups came to be known as Dawn Circles for Bible Study held on[b] Friday evenings[/b]. Extracts from Brother Russell’s books were read aloud, and when persons had comments or questions, they raised their hands." [b]Brother Russell recommended that at such studies participants make use of a variety of translations of the Scriptures, marginal references in the Bible, and Bible concordances.[/b] The studies were often held with groups of moderate size, in a private home, on an evening convenient to the group.

    1922--Watchtower Study

    Group studies of The Watch Tower were first organized in 1922.

    Questions were printed as an aid to study.

    1922—Service Meeting (midweek Prayer, Praise, and Testimony Meeting or Cottage Meetings)

    Prior to 1922, Jehovah’s servants customarily gathered for a midweek Prayer, Praise, and Testimony Meeting. It was an occasion for singing, giving testimonies, and engaging in prayer. But with the increased emphasis on house-to-house Kingdom proclamation, this gathering developed into the Service Meeting, which stresses the preaching work. Of particular help was the Bulletin, which contained field service instructions and "canvasses," or testimonies, that could be used in the ministry. Today, Our Kingdom Ministry provides similar assistance, as well as guidance for weekly "Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples."

    April 17-18, 1943--Theocratic Ministry School

    To set this new program into operation the Society arranged for the "Call to Action" Assembly April 17 and 18, 1943. Released was a new textbook Course in Theocratic Ministry. These meetings were held for an hour each week following one of their other weekly congregational meetings such as the service meeting.

    January 1945--Public Talks

    Back in the 1940’s the Theocratic Ministry School soon produced brothers who could give public talks. Thus in January 1945 a worldwide public speaking campaign was inaugurated. Each speaker prepared his own discourse, but the Watch Tower Society [b]ensured uniformity of presentation[/b] by selecting the subjects and furnishing one-page outlines for these hour talks.

  • SpiceItUp

    Gag me........

    Its just disgusting how they control lives.

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