Unloading of my kingdom Ministries

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  • rodnico

    I am not sure if this is the best place to put this or not. Simon can move it around if not. I have been going through my things and found kingdom ministries from 1989 - 1996 for the most part they are complete. Some are spanish most are english. Also they have the typical "I am more spiritual than you" writing on them. I would really like to dump them, but I think they might be of refrence use, and I am buying a house and need the cash. Here is the link if you are interested.



    Not sure why the link does not work. If you copy/paste the URL into your addres then it will find them. If you are interested in the email me.


  • NeonMadman

    I just tried to look at it, and got an "Invalid Item" message from eBay. Is the link correct?

  • BluesBrother
    and need the cash.

    What? money for something that was given us for free!

  • rodnico

    opps, here try this one. not much there it says the same thing actually. Yeah given for free, but who took the time to organize by date???



  • mouthy

    Blues brother ????? FREE! BS I lost over twenty years for those Bloody things. They were NOT FREE I paid with my youth ! my marriage ( unhappiness) with my daughter s loss( shuns me & my grandchildren))) FREE!!!! Rodnico !!!! Get as much as you can - !!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck! I wouldnt use them to wipe my but on now .... Excuse me!!! That made me "ticked" Blues!!!

  • Gamaliel


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    OMGosh, Mouthy. You are cracking me up.Well, somethings need to be said straight forward and up front. And when it comes to families being ripped apart...there is absolutely nothing nice or "sweet" about it. I'm all for telling it like it is, too.


  • betweenworlds

    Hey Rodnico, why not just give us your Ebay username and we can look up your stuff that way :)

    good luck!


  • Lemon_Lime
  • Lemon_Lime

    dammit.....you can access the auction by searching for "kingdom ministry"...maybe divine intervention is blocking the link

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