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    A police officer had just pulled over a car. When he walked up to the car the man rolled down his window and said, 'What's the problem, officer?' To which the policeman replied, 'I stopped you for going through that red light back there.'

    The wife leaned over from the passenger seat and said with a very loud voice, 'I told him to stop at that light, but did he listen? No, he just kept on going.

    The man turns to his wife and shouts 'Shut up, bitch!'

    'And just before the red light,' continued the policeman, 'I clocked you doing 50 miles per hour and the limit is only 30'

    His wife leaned forward and shouted, 'I told him to slow down, but did he listen to me? No, he just kept on driving faster'

    And again the man shouted at his wife. 'Listen bitch, I told you to SHUT UP!'

    The policeman turns to the woman and says 'Does he always talk to you like that?'

    'Oh no, officer,' replied the woman 'Only when he's been drinking.'

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