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  • justhuman

    It is interesting to see that the sick minds in Pentagon U.S. have named a powerful bomb Mother Of All Bombs (M.O.A.B)

    It is something beyond any human imagination...

    How come and you name a Bomb that brings DEAD to human lifes, like now in Iraq, were more than 1000 died and 5000 injured most of them Women and Children. I quess this is how Bush will set the Iraqi people free, by killing them.(Something that the Media in U.S.A do not show to the American people, and try to hide the real face of the War. That is why CNN they fired Peter Arnet the reporter who told the TRUTH about this SICK INJUSTICE WAR in Iraq. Perhaps they didn;t show you the hospitals that they bombed, and the children burn to death, or a man collecting the dead bodies of his familly after the attack of an helicopter, or the killings of 15 women and children after U.S.A soldiers fired on their they don't tell you the REAL truth. It is Amazing how the Watchtower and Bush goverment use the same tactics.BOTH THEY NEVER tell the truth and they try to SILLENT ANYONE who tries to disagree with them)

    Mr Bush the most precious thing in the world is LIFE... MOTHER BRINGS LIFE, and does NOT TAKE AWAY LIFE. MOTHER IT IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE, and not the SOURCE OF DEAD, like your Bombs falling over the children in Iraq and KILL them with your M.O.A.B. bombs...

  • gitasatsangha

    Not really. In many religious cultures that still have a Godess tradition, the mother is both that which creates, nurtures, and destroys. For instance in Hinduism the Divine Mother is represented by such varying personalities as Kali Ma, Durga, and Parvati, among others. Likewise in Kabalistic Judaism there might be diverse "mother figures" such as Shekinah and Lilith.

    Also technically MOAB does not stand for Mother of All Bombs. That is more of an inside joke. It stands for Massive Ordinance Air Burst. And in many ways its a good idea, as far as WMDs go. There was a real need for MOAB in Tora Bora. If we'd (the US) been able to use a small tactical nuke in that engagement, we could have killed Osama. But of course there is no way in todays political climate you can do that, with good reason. So a large anti-personel device like this is needed in some engagements.

    Just my 2 ยข

  • shera
  • Realist

    i recently saw a picture of a man holding a sign that said "GOD BLESS THE USS ROOSEVELT". i mean how braindead has one to be to write something like that? its amazing how people combine christianity with this war.

  • Hungout

    Get it straight its "Massive Ordinance Air Burst" which m.o.a.b. stands for.

    The "Mother of all bombs" nickname is direct a sarcasm to the comment Sadam himself made before desert storm when he said this is the "mother of all wars"

    And yes we all are very sad and think the killing of people is a tragic thing, but if the coalition didnt step in and knock out Sadam he would have probably slaughtered another couple hundred thousand people of his own country over the next ten years as he has in the past.

  • Francois

    gitasatsangha, thanks for attempting to untangle the fuzzy thinking associated with this thread. Notice that after naming the bomb, the writer says that it is "beyond all human imagination." Well, it must not have been beyond ALL human imagination, 'cause there is it!

    People who attempt to convert a practical, necessary miliatry mission into an orgy of emotional bombast are not very helpful, but only tend to muddy the water for everyone else.

    And other writer is chided for attempting to bring Christianity into the war (instead of Islam). I think these people have read little, if anything, about the tortures of the Saddam regieme, how his two sons tweedledee and tweedledum are allow to torture Iraquis just for the fun of it with deadly circumstances. I can think of no better place for the application of Christian principles.

    In short, I see an awful lot of anti-war people here with their heads so far up their asses that NO DAYLIGHT is liable to intrude. I'm disgusted. Are you?


  • wednesday





    our women go down fighting,

    see a movie, which all the liberal hollywood types will be wanting to do.

  • Realist


    if someone praises a bomb or wants god to protect weapons than one has to be BRAINDEAD to support that or to believe it is compatible with what jesus taught. only blinded, mindless idiots can follow such a hypocritical BS!

  • czarofmischief

    What did Jesus say about war, exactly? Um, NOTHING? Except that it was coming as God's judgement on Israel.

    Jesus didn't say nearly as much as people think he did. He wasn't worried about wars. He was worried about daily life under the Jewish system of things. As far as modern geopolitics go, his advice ain't worth much.

    And your whole hope for the future is based on a war. Armageddon, where the blood runs up to the bridles of the horses? The Jews practiced one of the earliest forms of genocide when they conquered Canaan. Justified? maybe. But if so, then so is the war in Iraq!


  • dolphman

    Hey buddy, i'd hate to say this but, speaking of sick minds, let's do a little math...

    Number of innocent Iraqi civilians killed:

    Saddam Huseein: 500,000 to 1 million

    US military: 1000 do the math...

    Now I know why they're dancing in the streets! Think about it. Oh...and quit whining already. You've lost the argument.


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