Effect on youths of Bethel and construction cuts

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  • Tornintwo

    I know quite a few youths (late teens to early twenties) who have the goal of full time service, as bethelites or international construction, so they're doing the required slog of pioneering in order to achieve this goal. This is a goal which has been excitedly set out for them the last few years or so at assemblies etc.

    Now they see the cuts, surely they are going to be discouraged and disillusioned. The only f-t service realistically available is the pioneer slog with a low paid part time job, no glory job at the end of it, maybe they'll think again and go and get an education and a decent job!

  • TheWonderofYou

    A worldly carrier is more secure and attractive, at least to learn a profession with higher education that could be useful in the new changed organisation.

    The new conditions we live are a call for high educated

    lawyers, digital experts, network technicians, marketing experts, translators, actors for the video dramas, but please better professionals.

    The bethel family is more and more changing in a

    commanders and propaganda central Head quarter, loosing the mixture of a family atmosphere and spiritual ity

    Only professionals of teaching propaganda technology, digial media and legal commanders remain in bethel.

    Has anybody ever heard that a catolic order with owe of poverty sent home its monks or nuns? What a shame such an order is. If you join an order its normally a lifetime decision.

    Leaders have a responsibility for the members wwho trusted in the order promise

  • Socrateswannabe
    There has been a lot of encouragement coming from the bOrg lately (including from JWBroadcasting) for young people to get trade skills so that they can work in construction at HQ, assembly halls, and international construction projects. The organization's main focus in the past few years has been construction. How do you go from that to almost a dead stop? Mindboggling.
  • apocalypse

    I know a bunch of youths locally who were holding out for international construction, figured they'd "see the world" on the cheap and have a ball, all the while they'd be 'set for salvation'.

    This is going to stick a pin in their festive ballon.

  • stuckinarut2

    Good observation 'tornintwo'

    Bethel "service" was always held up as the thing for an up and coming spiritual witness youth..... Now they cant get these gigs as easily!

  • Gayle
    Better for a lying bubble burst when you are young! Hopefully with these JW parents that they can get second thoughts for their youth and direct their youth into reality of schooling and more education.
  • Vidiot

    Tornintwo - "... surely they are going to be discouraged and disillusioned...."


    More time for Xbox, now. :sunglasses:

  • NewYork44M
    It is better for them to be disillusioned early in life. They have their whole lives ahead of hem.
  • DarioKehl
    What puzzles me is, they just had one of those bethel recruit meetings during Saturday's lunch at the distr---oops, I mean, "regional" convention this summer. Like 2 months ago! So, either the "higher ups" knew in advance about these layoffs but held recruiter meetings anyway (in which case, they were lying to all those kids), or, something utterly devastating happened to their finances that was sudden, unforeseen and shocking enough to pull the plug on everything--since the summer convention.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    Maybe there a more Royal Commissions coming up to European lands and or North American lands which could be utterly devastating to finances or potentially damaging to finances.

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