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  • NaruNaruChan

    So I e mailed Bill O Reilly, a FOXNEWS reporter who is very opinionated, and told him about how anti-american the org. is cuz he HATES that kind of stuff and exposes it on his show... so if we all e-mail him, and he DOES read his e-mail, maybe we can get another punch in the apostate time-card regarding the pedophilia issue and the general crappiness of JWs during the war. We all know that they'r eout there more than ever because they think people need to hear from them during the war, and FOX gets a lot of publicity... so c'mon guys, e-mail bill o reilly about how JWs are anti-american, let's get them in the news!


  • wednesday

    TY, i just sent him e-mail . Man, he should see Tom Tally's site. That would burst him into flames.


  • Realist


    thats a good one! use the current overboarding patriotism for something usefull and kick the WTBTS with it! LOL brilliant!

  • free will
    free will

    that's just plain dangerous right now. you gotta feel for jw's. they think it is the truth. they think this is the end. so they go out... now, nationalism is running high, very high. people see o'reillys show...a witness comes to the door and another news story comes on at 11 featuring not the wbts hurt or dead but the jw who doesn't know the crimes of the wbts.

  • wednesday

    It will probably happen anyhow. My grandparents and parents were around for WW2. There was much mob violence then and probably will be again. Another reason i do not want to be seen in a KH .If they keep publishing pics showing God smashing the White House and such, what do they expect? They put themselves in the public eye, they ask for it. I once was there too, and i looked upon it as "if we die , we die to Jehovah". Sort of sounds like the terrorists, doesn't it?

  • greven

    Helpfull as it may be, it does also draw people's attention to it that are already anti-american. Also, it will confirm the idea most witnesses have: we are being percecuted because we are no part of this world / because we try to be neutral etc etc.


  • GermanXJW

    I hope our aim is not just to get the Society negative media attention at any costs.

    Criticize what has to be criticized but to use nationalism that is as fanatical as JW could ever be is too high a price.

    The results could be so devestating which nobody likes to be responsible for.

  • NameWithheld

    Too true - it will only fuel their persecution complex and 'prove' them right. They LOVE being harrased about neutrality. They're still mentally masturbating to the WWII 'mob violence' they faced. If you want sic Bill onto them do it for the child molestation problem. That's one that they have NO defense for.

  • Red

    I don't have a problem doing this; but what exactly should I say in my email????


  • Swan

    It seems to me that the Society does a very good job of this without our help.


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