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  • somebody

    Here are just some of the people who touched my life in the chat room way back when,and didn't know they did because I never said so back then. I pray that you all are ok and wish you all well.

    # 1 PLH! I love ya girl! (((((((((((harmony))))))))))))))))))
    safe4kids ((((((((( dana)))))))))))))
    think41self (((((((((((( tracy))))))))))))))))))
    venice(bwwwaaaaaa) ;-)
    mommydark ( opened my eyes tremendously)
    Jan H
    Gopher ( touched my life in ways he'll never know) I thank you much and much more!

    ((((((((((((((((Cowboy)))))))))))))))))))))))))) ( Mr. Awsome in my book!)
    BugEye and BugEye's Wife ( who I think left and wonder where they are at)

    Ginny Tosken and wasasister ( had more effect on me than they'll ever know too)

    Tom Talley
    Farkel scmarkel/dickhead

    I'm sorry if I missed anyone from way back when.

    I just miss you all.

    Plain a simple truth.

    Thank you , Angharad and Simon.

    I already know that people her touch the lives of others the way people did mine back then.

    I'll never leave the DB unless I have no choice!

    THE two people who touched my live on the board, though I never saw them in the chat are waiting and redhorsewoman.


    just had to speak about positve influences in my life here!



    My all time favorite would be the one and only,,..... Stephanus! Love his humor and himself, and I wish to someday meet him in person.

    (((((((((((((((((((Stephanus)))))))))))))))))))) I miss your original picture! I loved it!

  • safe4kids

    Awwwwwwww (((((((((((Gwen))))))))) you sweetie, you! Sometimes, I think about the early days here and how great it was, how we seemed to have a sense of community and the friends I made (and one or two enemies, sadly, but that's my own darn fault). It's great to reminisce about the old days, hey? You touched me, too, yaknow Remember chat when you (we'd make corny jokes about your nic: Oh, somebody's here, don't know who but somebody is! *groan*) and Harmony (who never failed to pass out various chemicals to happify the room), Tracy (who still has her cyber paddle), Seeker (who never turned down a tummy rub), Venice (who would type "lalalala" I'm covering my eyes! heheheh), Wasasister (what ever happened to our movie Wasa?? what was it called? Toy Story something heheheh ), Expatbrit (back when he was furry and had really long arms), Jan (our very own Jesus look-alike), Tina (hi doll!), me, and who knows who else would gather in there?? Gee, the spankings usually heated things up! LOL I miss those days, I really do.

    Ahhh, thanks for the trip down memory lane, hope all is going well with you these days...gotta get back to my schoolwork now tho


  • VeniceIT

    Hey Somebody loves me . awwww your such a sweetie, I always liked seeing your pic and red hair you were such a doll and I remember wondering if there wasn't something going on with you and zev hehehee. That was WAY back hahaha. You guys were really great, and it was nice having such good friends with the transition over to this board!!!

    good times, good times,


  • Gopher


    That was sweet of you, remembering the old days when we were going through ch-ch-changes! I too remember fondly the chatroom the way it was back in 2001. It served its purpose, it helped us along.

    Now come the newer folks who also have their reasons to be here and their stories to tell, and hopefully they too make great connections with fellow posters like we all did!

    (((( HUGS ))) to you and Zev

  • Stephanus


    Of the "for once I'm speechless!" class

    Thanks for the kind words, Gwen!

  • slipnslidemaster


    Ah the good ol' days.... Well my dearest, darlingest Venice, what can I say? Thanks for bringing me here. The board wouldn't have been the same without me.


    HHH's forever.

    Slipnslidemaster, Pope of Venice's Witnesses Subcult of the Wooena.

  • VeniceIT
    Subcult of the Wooena.

    bwahaha omg Tishie would be so proud I forgot about that haha, guess that's why your pope [;)] *that and he likes the funny hat )


  • think41self


    You haven't been forgotten for a moment sweetie. I still always read your posts. We had some great times in chat, didn't we? Ginny Tosken has the quickest wit I have ever seen...couldn't keep up with her. I haven't spanked anyone in ages , what is the world coming to?

    Anyway, I'll bet there are people in chat right now forming their own friendships and memories, eh? Thank you Simon and Ang!!!


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