Recovered by Nature

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  • compound complex
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    On this beautiful property, all buildings are otherwise well maintained.

    Nature triumphs.

  • compound complex
  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Had a look at the towns around Chernobyl recently? Fascinating

  • humbled

    That looks like wild plum taking over. I wonder what the story is on the old place.

  • LV101

    Coco - this is Chernobyl w/nuclear fallout?! I was in close proximity 1990/92. It's been over 30 yrs and I wonder how long it took for nature to revive to the blossom-tree stage -- sad the human body isn't as forgiving.

    Thx for share - beautiful.

    Is this your next painting source?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    An estate in Northern California . . .


  • LV101

    LOLOLOL - not even CLOSE!

    Beautiful Cali! It has it all and then some.

    Coco - have you been to the Lick Observatory outside of San Jose, Ca? They take reservations and have tours, lectures, telescopes they actually allow the public to view planets through - unlike the one in Southern Cali -- I think most of the serious observatories aren't for public use (not sure) but the one in Hawaii is only for NASA after driving up to a freezing mountain), concerts, all day picnics, wine events. I'm aiming for next summer - reservations are seized up fast once the email is sent, so you have to be prepared/pre-planned. I've heard it's one windy road to the top of Mt. Hamilton (Univ of California project).

    Amazing the museums -- Getty/WOW! Norton my fave/so. cal, Space Museum just a couple. Amazing what some of the donated wealth of some California citizens has provided in the science/art fields - the California aquariums alone are incredible. I could spend every day at the one in Monterey - actually, I could spend every day in Monterey if my heart wasn't addicted to the beach in So. Cali.

    Enjoy -- you're in beautiful country!

    Happy Painting!

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