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  • Adam

    Joanna, the first words of the quiz were "The anti-war movement supports our troops...." I feel that statement is unfair because there are those in the movement that do not support our troops, just as I'm sure many here feel it is unfair to say "America supports Bush and his actions in Iraq" simply because the majority of Americans do, and I used a quote to that effect. Also, the tone of that first statement carried the implication that the anti-war movement was MORE supportive of the troops than the Bush administration and, by implication, those that agree with what it's doing. I know that was not an explicit statement, but I never explicitly said all anti-war people don't support our troops either now did I? May I not have the luxury of using the same tactics contained in your original post?

  • joannadandy

    Use whatever tactics you like, I am enjoying this...

    "The anti-war movement supports our troops...."

    Out of curiousity how many have you polled? Informally or otherwise? How many rallies have you attended? Do you belong to any listservs? Ever gone to make your own voice heard, and talk to the people that attend such rallies?

    I cannot speak for everyone as I stated before, but the majority, heck in fact all of the people I know PERSONALLY in the anti-war movement, do support our troops, just not our Governements actions--there is a large difference.

  • amac

    Nice one joannadandy!

    Adam- "anyone can take the same points, replace anit-war politicians..."

    Well let's see it then. And we'll see if it is nearly as compelling.

    By the way, I believe I am the one that you quoted as "not supporting the troops" which I don't. But let me ask you this...what does "support the troops" mean to you? How do YOU support the troops? I do not support what is going on in Iraq so I cannot offer any moral support, besides what form is this moral support offered in anyway? What are you doing to "support the troops?" I hope every troop makes it home alive with as little traumatic effect on them as possible. That's the support I give. And if I find myself in a situation where I can help a vet, I'd have no problem with that. So please don't take my quotes out of context in the future as I believe this was explained in the original thread.

    Also, the tone of that first statement carried the implication that the anti-war movement was MORE supportive of the troops than the Bush administration and, by implication, those that agree with what it's doing.

    Then you missed the point. The point was that pro-war arguments often criticize anti-war people with "not supporting the troops" kind of like you did about me. The point was to show the hypocrisy in this when Bush is sending new troops to Iraq, but cutting aid to existing vets. I guess existing vets support time expired.

    2. Is patriotism defined by stopping traffic, interrupting commerce, attacking police, and becoming a human shield for a leader that our country's armed forces is currently trying to topple?

    First of all, a red herring. Second of all, yes, this country was founded on dissent. Third I, and most people I assume, do not condone attacking the police. Fourth, I know of no "patriots" that have headed to Iraq as a human shield.

    UN resolution 1441 said he must tell us where they are now or what happened to them. Saddam refused.

    So where is the UN resolution that says the punishment will be for the US to attack Iraq?

    I don't know enough about your # 4 to respond.

    Obviously we have a fight with the Iraqi people. I mean, look at the billions in aide we're sending. Look at the soldiers risking their lives to keep the aid supply routes open. Look at the money we're spending on precision weapons when it would be so much cheaper carpet bomb the whole damn place.

    Yet another Red Herring to the points brought out by joannadandy's thread. Do you really think this out of care of Iraqi's rather than Global politics? We are already being painted as the "bad guy" in this war, so the Pentagon will naturally do everything it can to make it seem like we are the "good guys." Otherwise, where was the care for Iraqi's during the sanctions?

  • teejay

    Just seeing this, Joanna. A keeper.

    p.s. I can’t escape the already present but growing feeling that our country is in a major mess. There’s sh*t going on behind the scenes in Washington that ain’t very good. For the Middle East, the world... or us (U.S.).

  • SixofNine

    Justice, being a blind lady with arms of equivilancy, favors the war. As do dolphins.

    Really, if the dolphins are for you, who can stand against you?

  • dedalus
    The peace-loving people of Iraq are beginning to realize that their liberation from the tyranical rule of Saddam is rapidly approaching, and they are welcoming the armies of liberation.

    What, did you read this off the back of a box of Propaganda Puffs?


  • joannadandy
    Propaganda Puff?


    Propganda Puff, Enough Fiber for Everyone!

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