The Image Of the Beast

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    As far i can tell in my research about the book of revelation. Most of the prophecies happened in the first century. Men can speculate a lot about this book now but i would not let fear take over me.


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    I believe that the writer of Revelation likely had the book of Daniel open on the desk when he penned it. The Book of Daniel was probably written about 164 BC when the Jewish culture was under great stress from the greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes. Its message is "hang in there, this too will pass". The Book of Revelation was likely written for the same reason. The early Christian community was under great stress from the Roman emporer Trajan. Its imagery refers to persons and events that were current at that time. It is interesting to note that many of the early church fathers did not regard the Book of Revelation as worthy of being included in the Canon of the New Testament.

    I recall sitting in a Sunday School one morning while a noted Professor from Brite Divinity School (Texas Christian University) was present. One of my fellow students informed the Professor that the class was about to undertake a study of the Book of Revelation and asked him what we could expect from that study. He replied that the most we could hope for was to complete the study and still remain friends. Subsequent experience proved him correct.

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