The President declares war on Canada....

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  • Xandria

    Yep, he took the term Moron a little hard and he has decided to close the borders...and April Fools. So much for Operation Canadian Bacon.. hehehee.

    You want to laugh see the movie Canadian Bacon..

    I found this movie to be rather hilarious in a political sense when I first saw it, but now the current situation with Bush and the US just adds onto its charm.

    Dubya, like Alda in the movie, tries to draw attention away from domestic problems by creating a war (Iraq) just as Alda does with Canada.

    Canadians? We don't need no steeenkin' Canadians! Just kidding, ha ha. A little Canadian humor, since I have an affinity with that country up... there... somewhere.

    But really ... what's up with their quarters invading our country's supply? Haven't you ever tried to pass off a Canadian quarter at the checkout line and felt like such a criminal? You did? POLICE! .. just kidding. I wonder how Canadians feel when they get a US. Quarter in their change.

    Groovy Quotes:

    Mountie: What's this all aboot?
    Roy Boy [pointing a gun]: We have ways of making you pronounce the letter O, pal.

    Gus: Canadians are always dreaming up a lotta ways to ruin our lives. The metric system, for the love of God! Celsius! Neil Young!

    TV Announcer: The Canadians. They walk among us. William Shatner. Michael J. Fox. Monty Hall. Mike Meyers. Alex Trebek. All of them Canadians. All of them here.

    [TV Announcer describes the Canadian National Tower in Toronto]
    TV Announcer: It is the height of six American football fields, or five Canadian football fields. As if Canadian football really counts.

    Smiley: When have you ever heard anyone say, "Honey, lets stay in and order Canadian food"?

    TV Announcer: Think of your children pledging allegiance to the maple leaf. Mayonnaise on everything. Winter 11 months of the year. Anne Murray - all day, every day.

    TV Announcer: Like maple syrup, Canada's evil oozes over the United States.

    Highway Patrolman: I do have to fine you. That will be a thousand dollars Canadian, or 10 American dollars if you prefer.


    Of some of my best friends are Canadians Class.


    Pat Buchanan would LOVE that!

    Anyways, yes, one of John Candy's final movies.

    I still laugh at one TV show, oh hell....what's it called ?

    I can't remember, but it was about a year ago, and it was some prime-time show about the President of the USA. Someone came into his office or consultation room/conference room in a mock 9/11 episode, saying that the 'terrorists crossed into Vermont from Ontario'.

    We sat there and went: ???

    Since when did Vermont border Ontario?

    New York, Michigan and Minnesota: oh yeah. Pennsylvania and Ohio through the Great Lakes.

    It's not the first example of lousy geographical knowledge, but in case you have a map, you can figure it out for yourself.

    But Pat Buchanan would love that. Soviet Canuckistan. Man, when we got that word tacked on us, we loved it, and it gets used quite a bit. So we have him to thank for a new buzzword.

  • xjw_b12

    Xandria. LOL Thanks. Haven't seen that movie, but will have to look it up.

    Rayzorblade.. I think the show you were referring to is The West Wing. Obviously the writers were a little to quick to jump on the " terrorists swarming the borders " bandwagon, and neglected to check out a map !

  • heathen

    I agree Canadian Bacon was a very funny movie . I like the part where John Candy is at a hockey game and yells canadian beer sucks then a fight breaks out in the stands .lol

  • Mary

    You think that's funny, has anyone ever seen Rick Mercer (from This Hour Has 22 Minutes) do his "Talking With Americans"??? Oh my god, it's hilarious!!

    The jest of it, is that he goes to various parts of the USA and gives them a speal about Canada that is totally outrageous and asks Americans on their opinion. For example: in Florida he asked Americans if they thought Canada should still have a Navy, seeing as we don't have any access to the ocean. The responses varied from "well, everyone should still have a Navy" to "you don't need a Navy, we'll look after you."

    He also told George Bush before he was elected President that "Prime Minister Tim Horton" showed his support to Bush. Bush didn't bat an eyelash as he commented on how much that meant to him from his "neighbour of the north."

    When I was a kid in school, we had to know all 50 States and their capitols........did Americans ever learn anything about Canada when they were in school........doesn't appear that way.

  • heathen

    I remember learning about the provinces in canada way back in elementary school but that's about it .I think I learned more about canada from watching hockey games. I love hockey. GO DALLAS wooooooohooooooooooooooo

  • dottie
    I like the part where John Candy is at a hockey game and yells canadian beer sucks then a fight breaks out in the stands.


    Dottie...of the PROUD Canucker class

  • Xandria

    My favorite quote that cracks me up.

    Smiley: When have you ever heard anyone say, "Honey, lets stay in and order Canadian food"?

    Could someone tell me some Canadian dishes to put this to rest ???


    Of the Happy April's Fools Class

    It helps to laugh at ourselves.


    Xandria, well there are a few twists to Canadian food items:

    Poutine, beavertails, fiddleheads, figgyduff, baked beans in maple syrup, bumbleberry pie, saskatoonberry pie/squares/tarts.

    That's just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

    I'm sure some of Canuck participants other than myself will add a few more.


  • Aztec

    Well first I have to say...I love Canadians! I am still in love with Canadian humor and they have the most adorable accents. The beer and hockey are just the icing on the cake! *Go Wings Go!!!* I live in Detroit, just across the puddle from Windsor, Ontario and we have TONS of Canadian quarters in our money supply. I have to admit I try to pass them onto someone else as quickly as possible...LOL! My favorite talk radio station has plenty of Canadian callers and you can always spot them quickly. They can't stop themselves from saying Aboot and Hoose..LOL! What can I say...Canada rocks, eh? ~Aztec PS Rayzor are you gonna give me a call sometime so I can hear your cute accent?

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