August 12, 2016 BOE Re: Obtaining Video Equipment for Displaying Spiritual Programs

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    "It is the financial responsibility of the publishers".....

    No more books? magazines?.... That's OK, we'll sell TVs...

  • blondie

    You are saying that the WTS has an arrangement for the congregations to buy the equipment through their own arrangement? Is the equipment company owned by jw(s)? How much are they earning off this arrangement? If they go through the new RBC arrangement, are the restricted to buying certain brands of equipment?

    Does the congregation get to see the details before purchase is made or resolution passed?

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    From what I can tell in that letter, if they go through the LDC (RBC) they have to use those 2 different sets. If they get approval to buy locally, I guess they can buy whatever they want.

    I'm curious about the actual make and models of TVs. I do some AV stuff for work and some of those larger displays CAN get expensive depending on the brand. Same with the other equipment. Without knowing that info, I can't really say if the congregations are getting hosed on those price tags.

  • lookout
    blondie: Check out both docs. They basically made a deal with Samsung for the equipment; no different then any national account would be. Congregation resolution is usually announced as the total price. It's up to the audience to question what exactly is getting bought.
  • blondie

    lookout, theoretically, that may be true but I am sure they won't offer the congregation rank and file the opportunity to ask and be given an answer. Now, now sister leave the complicated things to the brothers.

    I can remember an elder independently going off and purchasing chairs other than what the BOE/RBC had selected and making it a fait accompli.

  • Wait For It
    Wait For It

    Interesting. This explains a lot now. My congregation put TVs in a few months ago and it was this huge thing because they invited everyone to come help install everything. I don't know if they got them from the society, but I'm doubtful since the brothers went out and purchased huge Smart TVs: two larger ones for the main halls and two for the two back schools. If anyone has gone shopping for TVs, they'd know Smart TVs are not cheap.

    I remember asking where we got the money for that and no one was able to answer. Though my husband is under the impression that it came from LDC. I don't think it did, but given that our hall is home to a lot of congregations, I'm sure they all pitched in for the spurge.

    I feel bad for the poorer congregations since I have a feeling they will get pressured to eventually purchase it as the society seems super into including their propaganda videos in the mid-week meeting. Before we were all expected to watch any assigned videos and come prepared to discuss. Now we can't even be trusted to do that on our own.

  • 2+2=5
    Without knowing that info, I can't really say if the congregations are getting hosed on those price tags.

    Well, I'll make a gut call. We are talking about the WTS, so I'd say it's odds on the sheeple will be getting screwed. The OT God likes to mix it up from time to time, when he's done with the killing he becomes 'Jehovah of Price Gouging'.

    Pure speculation, I'm sure they won't benefit financially. After all, they are just a good Ol' fashion religion.


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