Happy Anniversary Larc & Zazu !!!!

by Angharad 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • joannadandy


    Sounds like it was a good time! Wishing you even more happiness in the years to come!

  • larc

    Xena, I over looked your question. This was the big 40 for us. Now, how do two people stay that long together? Well, when you think about divorce, then procrastinatiion is a good thing, because eventually you get over it, what ever "it" was that was bothering you, and I am not joking. By the way, I am talking about some really big "its" in our shared experience, most caused by me.

  • Farkel

    larC and Jan,

    If you've been married 40 years to each other, you both deserve purple hearts and "combat pay."

    Other than that, I send my best wishes, most glorious and felicitous greetings and sympathies to both of you!


  • blondie

    Congratulations Larc & Zazu. Our is coming up soon to but we have a ways to get to 40 years. We miss your posts on JWD.

    Blondie and her husband Irreverent

  • teejay

    40 years, eh? How in the world ...

    Congratulations, Zaz and Larc. 40 years is a MAJOR accomplishment. Here's to forty more.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Wishing you many more happy anniversaries/togtherness. Were seven months ahead of you.

    Guest 77

  • waiting

    well hell. AH could have sent you a wooden pencil. I'm at my desk, looked over to my coffee cup full of pens/pencils.........and Voila! An Eberhard Faber American #2 HB (with a good lookin' green eraser) was just sittin' there..........hardly even used (except for the eraser part). Probably got a new one somewhere here.

    Could I send you the box they came in?

    Larc, you're so lucky to have Jan. And most of the people here think so too (even though they haven't said that). I'm a woman.....I just know that kinda stuff.

    Congratulations to you both!!!!!! And Damon's good eatin' - no matter which dinner!

    Enjoy your evening - best wishes to y'all.

    Mr. & Ms. Waiting

  • larc

    Hey, thank you folks, especially Teejay, Waiting, and Farkel. You know I love all three of you. Hey Waiting, I know you are right. I am lucky to have Jan. She is one of the smartest people I have ever known, and it has been a pleasure to know her, and live with her. With Jan's stroke last September, it affected her dexterity, which is returnintg, and it affected her stamina, which is returning at a slower rate, but fortunately, it did not effect her cognitive functioning. She is as good at Jeoprody (sp?) as ever. In other words, she beats me up most nights, though I occasionaly win.

  • onacruse


    she beats me up most nights, though I occasionaly win.

    My belated congrats to you both, but especially to Zazu, for "occasionally" letting you win...

    she knows what it takes to keep a good man happy, eh? They've got to let us win at least once in a while.

    Happy thoughts to both of you!

    Craig & Katie

  • larc

    Onacruse, that's not the way it is. If she knows the answer, then she knows the answer. If I know the the answer, then that is just the way it is. There is no competion between us. We accept each other's areas of expterise. Jan is good at literature, and I am good and science and math. As a team, we kick ass.

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