what to do about the memorial?

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  • free will
    free will

    i've recently stopped attending meetings, due to being disillusioned with the truth. but, i am confused on how to commemorate the memorial. i don't want to go to the hall. but, i want to commemorate his death. any ideas?


    Buy a bottle of wine,some crackers..Maybe a really good cheese to go with those crackers..Rent in a good movie you want to see..Kick-back and enjoy your own private memorial..Jesus would love it.....OUTLAW

  • blondie

    free will, I have recently stopped attending meetings along with my husband. We have purchased a plain red wine and plain matzoh, we have some nice crystal goblets and plate. We are going to read the account from the Gospel and make personal comments about how we feeling about the ransom sacrifice in our lives and make separate prayers to God, then partake if our spirit is moved to do so.

    We want to feel that we are there amongst the disciples as if Jesus were talking to us. We never felt that way at the Memorial at the KH. We felt like people invited to a party only allowed to watch, being made to feel secondary and unnecessary.

    Not this year. We want to be directly a part.


  • JH

    No one stops you from going to the memorial on that day. Just fade away after.

    It's up to you.

  • Joyzabel

    The last memorial I went to I was really disgusted with the whole idea that the JWs can get over 10 million people together on one evening around the world and collectively reject Jesus, refusing to partake of the bread and the wine. And they claim to be Christians. Think about it........Satan couldn't have come up with a better plan!

  • nowisee

    many christians feel now that the invitation to partake goes out to all of us. if you know of a bible-based church you might want to go there and share.

    however, it seems like your journey away from jws has only just begun. if that is the case i would just stay home, read the gospel accounts, pray, observe it quietly on your own.

  • Dawn

    "JWs can get over 10 million people together on one evening around the world and collectively reject Jesus, refusing to partake of the bread and the wine"

    EXACTLY!! I refuse to go to a celebration where they celebrate NOT following a commandment. Geezzz

    My recommendation - get together with a few friends that share your beliefs, or maybe even just support you and celebrate in the manner that feels most comfortable to you. If you want to partake - do - if you don't feel comfortable yet (I didn't for about 2 years) then don't - just pray to him, tell him how you feel and he will understand and work with you in the place that you are now.

  • pr_capone

    I know I wont be going... but I am not christian either. Even if I were I wouldnt attend anything at a KH. Something that you do personal I am sure would be more than enough.

    PFC District Overbeer

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