My mum, done with the JW ?

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  • rocketman

    Viv, it may indeed be that your mum may have had it. The elders apparently want tocorner her to find out what's on her mind, since they are doing that with inactives lately, as some at this board have attested.

    The thing is, she may want to be done with it without going to the point of making it official, kind of like my wife is doing now. No meetings or service for her - totally inactive, but she does not want to bother with the stress of discussing the matter with elders.

  • Vivamus

    Thank you Dan and Shera. Sandra, I will, thanx. Gumby, now, if you are going to take my mum dancing ... I'd like to see your credentials first! Lol, j/k, I'll tell her she'll have to save the first dance for you. My mum is in fact very against the decision of me being DF, esp. at first, when I really didn't do all that much wrong [that has changed a bit, lol]. And she told every one who gave her the opportunity exactly that. So the elders are very worried about her spiritual strength.... Teejay, I got her on the track. I was the one that made her go to meetings and get baptized to begin with. And me being DF, and learning just what a cult the JW are ... I have told her all I know about the JW, so in a sense, I made her get on this track. I got her in, and I'm hoping I'll get her out as well, and its starting to look like it.... ((((Becky)))) feel free to mail me any time! Imanaliento, My thoughts exactly! Rosemarie, thanx! Jack, yeah, I think that's what she is hoping for, just fading away. She does not go into service, goes to a meeting maybe once every two weeks, and then leaves halfway. And she hardly associates with any of the JW.


    Hey Viv,sounds like your mom is leaving..The elders were worried about her being inactive?..Oh No! Someone has stopped peddling magazines.God needs people to sell magazines.God needs the money! It`s almost the end of the month and his car payment is due and his kids need braces..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Latte

    Viv....that's really great news! So good that you have each other too!

    .....bit shocked about you wearing the cross though...

  • Xandria


    One can only hope she will be free soon!!!!!! It sounds like she is looking for the exit sign. I will be keeping my fingers crossed hehehe. I hope that she does get free. I only wish my mother was strong enough when she was alive to able to break free. So I have great hope for you.

    Keep us posted..


  • Francois

    Sounds to me like your mother is ALREADY out; she's just waiting to be discovered so they can toss her out all legal-like. And she apparently has no fear either. You did a good job with your mother, on both ends, coming and going.


  • Vivamus

    Outlaw, lol, I am proud to say that they have never gotten even as little as one cent out of my mum. Me, that's a different story, but my mum never was one to give money, lol. Latte, LOL, 'shocked' yeah, right... LOL Xandria, I will, thanx. Francois, thank you, "already out" I hope you're right.

  • greven

    From what I have read so far this seems very hopeful! As soon as she starts talking about 'them' instead of 'us' progress is made: she does not take the same stance.

    I am making progress with my mum too. She has now opinions that are 180 degrees different from the society. Still, I need to get her to read the introduction to my research. She wants to but is finding excuses not I think she is afraid I am right after all. My mum has been in the cult since age 7 or something so she has invested decades in a phoney beliefsystem. It is hard to even consider being wrong...Still I have good hope.

    Keep us updated on your mum! See sure sounds like a very decent and warm human being, not JW at all.


  • greven

    BTW Viv,

    Are you doing ciggies again?!


  • Vivamus

    Greven , lets hope both our mums find their way out. And yes, I hang my head in shame, I'm on ciggies again ...

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