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  • gumby


    The info. I mentioned is in the "Revelation Book", page 291, par. 19-24.


  • berylblue
    Those who "go with Satan BY FAR ...out number those who prove faithful.

    Thanks. I hated the Revelation Book and threw it out as soon as I left, so I can't look up your references. I truly appreciate you bringing this up. However, I am certain that I heard or read somewhere that the people who turn against Jehovah will be a small number....I wonder if the WTS changed their views?

    Nah, that never happens.


  • JamesThomas

    Beryl, As long as you continue to believe in a god who is a person, a thing, and object outside of you, who kills, condemns and destroys, you are going to undergo much fear and confusion....guaranteed. I suggest looking silently into your own heart for answers, rather than beliefs and scriptures. The peace and wholeness that you seek is already yours. You are just looking in the wrong places. JamesT

  • berylblue
    The peace and wholeness that you seek is already yours. You are just looking in the wrong places.


    You know, I truly appreciate your thoughts, but how on earth does one even begin to do this?




    I think Nathan Natus had the perfect take on the WBTS Jehovah....The WBTS jehovah is a sock puppet that says anything the WBTS wants him to..Why not?..It`s just a sock puppet..WBTS says every one will die except JW`s,so does Sock-oh Jehovah... Everyone has a WBTS Sock-oh Jehovah in their underware drawer..You too can make prophesy`s,announce new light and dam anyone you consider an enemy....Start your own religion from your underware drawer..Find some product regardless of how ridiculous Sock-oh Jehovah can divinely endorse..He`ll do as you say,he`s a sock..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Had to jump in just to say you guys are a crack-up...too funny. Ok, back to SS post.


  • JamesThomas

    Beryl, You ask

    "how on earth does one even begin to do this?"

    First it helps to respect the pain and suffering you feel within you, because it is calling you back Home, back to that which you seek. What I have to share is very simple, but can be extremely difficult because we are so programmed and inclined to go against it. It's not about learning some new scriptures or dogma or "spiritual" practices. It's about seeing what is already here that we are missing. Have trust that the Source of this magnificent universe has not abandon you, but is present and wanting your embrace. Waiting within your own sense of Being for rediscovery. The Kingdom of God, or the ALLNESS of that which we call God, is within you. We are not separate and apart from Wholeness, though indeed it feels as if we are fragmented and broken. The doorway to rediscovering Truth, is simply to shift our attention away from the mind and all of it's chatter, judgment, questions and commentary....and into this moment and the unspeakable sense of being and aliveness within you. This may seem like a little and insignificant thing. It is not. Watch your thoughts. Do not judge them. Look and see how it is thoughts about the past and future which triggers tension and tightness in the body which triggers emotions like fear and anger. Turn your attention more into yourself than out there. Get to know yourself. Be gentle. Take it slow. Do not judge yourself. Feel your breathing. Be present with the senses of the body. Notice how much time is spent lost in thoughts. Come back to being present in this moment, and the many silent senses of being alive. Live without thinking about it. Use the mind only when necessary. Keep coming back to the silent moment of being alive. JamesT

  • Sentinel

    James T,

    I was very impressed with your post here to berylblue. So very loving, kind, and helpful. I'm wondering if you are "enlightened", or a "light-walker"? You do sound as if you are a very spiritual person, non-judgmentary, with a good sense of how to heal oneself.


    You're questions are just so much like the ones I had, and the elders and others wouldn't discuss them with me. I was just an irritant to them, when I didn't follow right along with the "program", without interrupting the studies. I always had these deep things nagging at me. Getting away from the stagnation of the JW mindset allows one so much freedom to seek answers, but there is just such a vast amount of material to look at, to read, to listen to.

    There may not be a definitive answer to some of our questions, but at least you are free to explore for yourself. In the freedom to do all this searching must come some personal guidelines, so that you are not swept from here to there, without a goal. The mind is like a sponge, but can overflow and you become overwhelmed. Take your time. Keep a journal for yourself, your feelings, and special information or thoughts that connect with your inner soul.

    You will find your way to peace and joy if you keep searching. It will be the most beautiful experience of your entire life. Promise!

  • expatbrit


    It's all crap. Stop worrying and have a Martini.


  • Francois

    Beryl, I don't think there's anything for you to worry about. The entire teaching about Armageddon is nothing but sheer twaddle in the first place; it's the boogie-man the WTBTS uses to scare its generally unsophisticated followers.

    In fact, the WTBTS has two boogie men they use to scare its membership into frightened compliance with its nonsensical and unloving teachings. The first of course is the threat that unless you're a good little goose-stepping J-Dub, you're going to be destroyed at Armageddon. The second is that unless you're a good little goose-stepping J-Dub, you're going to be disfellowshipped and shunned by your family and friends until you learn to behave yourself and do what the elders tell you, regardless of how utterly absurd and unscriptural it might be.

    ALL OF THE ABOVE is, as noted, sheer twaddle. Ain't gonna happen. God is not wired up like that; God is a God, a Father, of infinite and unconditional Love. This God of the Watchtower is a fraud, a fake. You can ignore Him and them. You're gonna be just fine. Take my word for it.


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